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The Importance Of Neonatal Nursing "Bonding With Patients"

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Stability is the key to have healthy patients. Neonatal Nurses are incredible nurses to have in the healthcare facility. All Nurses can provide the same care and dependability in caring for their patient. Nurses are very consistent in the job that they perform. Being consistent, is a very good quality a nurse should have. Nurses gain feelings, and heavier bonds with their patients than doctors. Nurses grow more attached to their patients because of the care provided. Doctor’s have a lot of patients that they have to provide for and prescribe medicine to, so trying to bond with patients is not a huge goal for them as it is for a nurse. Nurses develop their patients to feel welcome and that they can be trusted to provide the patient the proper care, giving the patient various opportunities to ask questions if needed. Doctors spend less time with their patients than nurses. Neonatal nurses are able to build long-lasting relationships, sometimes short-term but that is what a nurse is mainly focused on when doing their job to be successful in the health of the patient.
Neonatal nurses are very caring and understanding individuals. They are furthermore dependable and trustworthy. They make sure that their patients are well taken care of regardless of what level the newborn may be placed in depending on their health. After Birth, the newborn is placed in level one that only requires and consist of basic care to the infant such as bathing, changing diaper, and feeding them, In the Newborn Nursery. Most first time nurses are placed in level one because it does not require much care or supervision. If nurses would like to move up they would need to further their education in that field. Level two is where premature babies are taken to be greater supervised in the (ICU) Intermediate Care Nursery. The infants are supervised over to make sure they are protected from contagious diseases and temperature shock. The infants are very fragile and can not maintain their body heat on their own. Level three nurses are obligated to provide for severely ill newborns that will possibly need surgery and other critical care, they are taken to the NICU the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to be supervised. Nurses working in level three may also need to be able to have a strong and calm presence. They are also responsible for calming down and comforting the parents with a death in the family and if so, are responsible for teaching the parents to provide the special needs and medication for the infant. To work in either level two or three they would need higher education to successfully do the critical work and ensure that the infants are getting the care that they need to survive. Nurses must be licensed to do so. Neonatal nurses that are able to work in levels one, two, and three and are very proficient, if they wish to, they possibly can become NNP which is a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner to proceed and further their education in the healthcare field. A neonatal nurse...

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