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Acknowledging the importance of non-profit organizations in my life is easily done because of the unforgettable experiences had at a local organization and the impression it left on my life. As by taking part in a local non-profit organization, my mother and I were able to embark on a medical mission trip to Romania in 2006 and 2007. We set out to simply love and grow into a culture of people we knew nothing of, but yet still being drawn together by an awesome God and His mission for us as a people. Devoting our time and love, we also aided many in need with medical necessities: taking their blood pressure, addressing any problems they may have, and relinquishing all medicines that may be needed. Through my experiences, I’ve found that many non-profit organizations work to assist a multitude of hurting individuals through various methods of relief and invoke the initiation of volunteers into action. Although countless individuals have faced negative issues while being a part of such an organization, it is to be said that none can truly fathom the value of a non-profit organization that upholds dedication to the people it may serve, by way of various methods that provide great relief.
Throughout the existence of non-profit organizations, many have attempted to produce a greater variety of methods with which they can use to amplify immediate relief. Methods of relief with which many non-profit organizations excel in include: providing physical, emotional, or medical attention. I obtained the sense of such forms of relief a non-profit organization contributes through my experiences had with a local non-profit organization, CERT International (Christian Emergency Relief Teams). As an organization, it strives “To alleviate human suffering with medical /dental services in remote locations and provide relief in emergency or needy situations with the love of Christ” (Daugherty). The effective methods of relief provided by CERT allowed me to witness how crucial they truly were to the hurting people of Romania. In a remote village outside of Medias, I saw a mother of two beautiful children find hope in knowing that they were being tended to, an elderly man’s utter happiness to have been provided with the medication he needed for his illness, and the overall look of joy that was seen upon the faces of hundreds of people who sought receive help. While spending time with these amazing people in Romania I could not help, but notice the effect they had and have continued to have upon us all. While CERT is a prime example of a successful non-profit organization, we know there to be thousands more that also accommodate areas of despair in ways that remain to be unrecognized by a few, but felt by millions. Knowing that without willing volunteers, there would be no way of providing help to those who need it most, whether the organization has obtained a great array of effective methods or not.
When one contributes to a good cause, one may acquire a...

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