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The Importance Of Organ Donations Essay

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Organ donation is very generous of people to do. When people die they have a choice of whether to give their organs up or not. The organs in your body are your stomach, pancreas, liver, kidney, and small intestine. Some people get their mouths swabbed so someday they can give their organs. When your body gets a new organ the body tries to attack it so that means you would take medication. The organs come from people with brain injuries so severe that death is already called. Organ donation is important and everyone should consider being a donor.
Why is Organ Donation important? Well, if you said they are dying, then you are correct. The people who have organ problems are dying because their organs are shutting down. On an average day 79 people receive organ transplants. Therefore 18 people die each day waiting for a transplant. As of May 2013 the national waiting list was 44% Caucasian, 30% African American, 18% Hispanic/latino, and 7% Asian. In 2012 about 28,000 people received organ transplants. Right now there are 100 million people in the U.S. signed up to be an organ donor. People don’t donate because they are selfish or they don’t want to give their organs to someone else and end up dying. People need their organs or they won’t function right. We use them to see and digest food.
There are people who are organ donors. Organ donors give their organs to other people who need them.A boy named Ashton couldn’t go to school because he had trouble eating. He had trouble eating because his organs couldn’t keep them down. He had to be fed through a tube so he could keep it down. When he was 11 he had to wait a long time for an organ transplant. Most people end up having to wait for an organ transplant. Ashton caught infections that sent him to the hospital several days each month....

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The Importance of Organ Donation Essay

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