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The Importance Of Parent Child Relationships Essay

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Children are often wrongly blamed for their wrongdoings. Most issues that arise with children are caused by the absence of a relationship with their parents; therefore, it’s crucial that parents form a positive relationship with their kids. Since children rely on their parents for everything from the day they are born until the day they die, parents need to be there for them; and the most important way to be there is to have a relationship with them. Parents have to make sure they have a positive relationship with their kids if they want them to be successful. If there isn’t a healthy relationship with one another, children will end up doing things alone involving drug abuse with a bad crowd (Fatima and Sheikh 2009). Relationships between parents and children have to start early in a child’s life because children grow with the love they receive from their parents. There is no love greater than the love parents have for their child. That being said, there are still parents who don’t see the importance of having a good relationship with their kids. Although having a good parent-child relationship may concern some parents, it should in fact concern anyone who cares about their child’s well-being.

Communication is the key to a successful relationship. Communication can boost children’s self-esteem, and that will benefit them in the future. According to the article “Parent-Child Communication, a Necessity,” having an open relationship with one’s child can be very beneficial for the child and for the whole family as well, and communicating causes this. These days’ parents are always yelling at their kids and seem to have the idea that children have to listen to every word they say which is wrong. Parents have to listen to their children if they want their children to respect them, and then the children will know what is expected from them and live up to those expectations. But using words isn’t the only way; making eye contact and nodding is also a good way of communicating (Gee, 2012).

Another way for parent to form a relationship with their kids is to bond with them. According to John Bowlby, a British Psychiatrist, “If a child does not receive a feeling of security or deep attachment to his parents during the first three years of life he is destined for trouble - delinquency, learning difficulties, [and] aggressive behavior” (McVicar 1995). When I was younger, my mother would show me pictures and tell me stories about how much time she would spend with me. In highschool, I would go on trips and be away for a night and would get homesick. Even today I feel a close attachment to my mother, and it’s probably because she had a close relationship with me when I was young. Therapist Roy Muir who works with children and parents sees a connection with the way parents are to their kids and the way the parents were treated as kids. He also says, "The parent-child relationship is stored in our memory systems from far earlier than we remember, (earlier...

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