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The Importance Of Performance Management Essay

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Every year toward the end of the current fiscal year, the management team at my company gets together to discuss where we are at with the department’s activities and what tasks are still outstanding. Each year, one of the topics on the list is annual employee performance reviews. The topic of annual performance reviews is often groan worthy from some of the department leadership, which seems to be a common issue for companies according to Geller & Reis (2010). Each year, we discussed that not all managers have completed their annual employee review cycle and they need to hurry up get them done. The conversation usually focuses on managers expressing that they do not have enough time or ...view middle of the document...

If the employee is doing what they were supposed to do, he would give them the standard raise. I asked what he did with employees that were not performing adequately. To explain his approach, he gave me one example. An employee who was not performing had not received a raise in over 3 years. His rational was that it was up to the employee to approach him about his raise and he would talk to them about the performance problems he observed. If the employee was not interested enough to approach the manager, then the employee did not deserve the raise. The manager was not providing effective feedback to his employees and was not giving them specific direction on their performance, positive or negative, which is not effective according to Geller & Reis (2011). Additionally, the manager was not establishing any goals for the employee or giving them a path for success in the future. There was also no succession plan in place for the manager if he moved to another position or left the company. This mismanagement was severely limiting the growth of the employees and the manager. Because of this poor management performance, there were no candidates when we started looking for a team lead for the group. We could not start delegating some responsibilities of the manager so he could take on more responsibility for the changes that were going on in the organization, which was limiting the promotional opportunities for the manager. Employees should feel valued by their leaders (Comaford, 2013), and the department manager was sending a clear message that he was not interested in their goals, or their professional development or even to correct a performance situation.
Another example of negative employee performance management I experienced was when I was promoted to a manager and then the same experience occurred when I was promoted to a director several years later. When I was first promoted to a manger, I was quite pleased as I worked very hard for years earning the promotion. In my mind, I was looking forward to all kinds of new training and the secret keys to the organization. I was expecting to have some coaching, an explanation of expectations, a guidebook, or anything that would point me in the right direction as a newly promoted manager, but there was nothing. I reached out to the human resources department and my direct manager asking about new manager training. They did not have anything to share either. Years later as a newly promoted Director, the experience was the same. I discussed the issue with my manager, who was the CIO. He did confirm that there was no additional to training, that the position was more about learning on the job, and that he liked the approach of it being a trial by fire. I have an expectation that leaders should be self-directing and able to execute with little more than a nudge in the desired direction, but the lack of any knowledge transfer of the job requirements was disappointing. Chamberlain...

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