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The Importance Of Physical Activity Essay

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The adults surrounding American children should teach the kids about the importance of physical activity in their daily lives. Most importantly, children need to realize that maintaining an active lifestyle develops a safer and more practical way to stay healthy than dieting. Furthermore, when children practice a vibrant way of life, the odds of him/her acquiring an eating disorder later in life are smaller. Finally, history has proven that physical exercise in young people helps to keep the majority mentally focused in the classroom.In America, the popularity of fad diets has sky-rocketed, which has set a poor example for young adults and children that dieting exists as the safest way to remain healthy. In contrast to dieting, children should be shown more productive ways of controlling their physical well-being. Teaching healthy eating behaviors at a young age proves to be important since change becomes more difficult with age. Parents should fill the home with tasty, yet wholesome snacks. Outside of the home, children and adolescents spend the majority of their time in school. So, it makes sense that schools provide an environment that promotes healthy nutrition habits as well. Along with healthy eating, behaviors involving physical activity are the cornerstone of preventing obesity in children and adolescents. Parents should be active role models, surrounding their child with a very dynamic, energetic environment. Family outings such as roller-blading or biking are good examples for maintaining such an ambience.Children with active lifestyles will not only grow up surrounded by these positive aspects, but will also be at a much lower risk for acquiring eating disorders or other physical and/or mental problems. Exercise can be the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle for children, as it prevents depression, promotes confidence and self-esteem, and wards off many chronic diseases. A child brought up to learn the fundamentals of a healthy life would not rely on extreme measures such...

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