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The Importance Of Play In A Child´S Development

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In this article, the authors discuss how play influences a child's development in multiple areas.The article begins introducing how play influences the development of a child's social and emotional status; play well with others and learning to cope with feelings,. Then the author transitions into how physical development is also fostered through play. This is done through recess and physical activity where children have the opportunity to be in engaged in play that develops their fine and gross motor skills. Lastly, The author discusses how play also fosters creative development while simultaneously developing physically, socially, and emotionally. This creative development is believed to be developed by the use of a child’s imagination and role playing. The primary thesis discusses the link between child-led play and the normal, healthy development of children.

This article begins by discussing the relationship between play and social/emotional development. A child’s emotional development is vital to developing into a healthy adult that can deal with all the stress and hectic lifestyle that accompanies life in today’s society. According to these authors, when children are exposed to child-led play they “increase their social competence and emotional maturity…. verbal and nonverbal skills… respond to their peers’ feelings… experiment with roles”(SOURCE!!!!). They skills that a child can acquire through the simple act of playing are essential to their healthy development. Children can “increase their social competence and emotional maturity” by learning how to relieve stress and cope with their feeling while playing. For example, a young child may learn that when they are sad, they can play with their toys in such a way that depicts this emotional. They may also learn simple “verbal and nonverbal skills” by playing with their peers. They may learn this from sharing toys to acting out different situations to taking turns with a favorite toy. Along with developing these little skills, the children also learn how to be empathetic to the feelings of their peers. They will quickly learn that when someone is sad, they may not want to play a run around game, but...

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