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The Importance Of Preserving Your Memories.

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KEEP YOUR MEMORIES SAFEWhen we tell a story, or just sit and think about personal life and about what we left in the past, we cannot recall all of our memories. We often need a push like a sound, a smell, or a situation to be able to remember what happened a long time ago.I am a grown-up man, and like many others I have a lot of things happened in my past. Childhood, school, college, navy, and marriage - I remember everything. But sometimes in my mind there is an emergence of some memories, which were frozen for a long time and needed some fire to become alive.One day my wife and I were watching TV. It was very quiet, and I said to my wife: "Where is the kid?" I have a four-year old son, whose name is Steven. We looked for him everywhere, and finally found him in the kitchen under the table, drawing something on the wall. And, it suddenly felt like I saw myself a long time ago. I remembered myself drawing on the wall, my mother was yelling at me and trying to make me clean the wall.Many times, when I am eating at fast food places, and looking at the teenagers working there, I recall a memory of myself looking for a job on summer break. I was 13 at that time, and it was very hard to find a job. Nobody wanted to employ a boy, who had no skills. I remember one man who asked me: "Hey boy, what can you do?" And I said " Nothing, but...

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