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The Importance Of Presidential Leadership Academy

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Why do you want to be a member of the President's Leadership Academy?
I would like to become a member of the Presidential Leadership Academy (PLA) because I am determined to be a successful student at Elmhurst College. The program is focused on helping students, like me, who need academic support and guidance. In order to reach my best, I will need the friends, mentors, teachers, and advocates who I would be fortunate to meet in the Academy. The PLA will prepare me to be self-reflective as I continue to become a more thoughtful person. I consider myself a leader and an independent thinker, I am aware that I have much to learn about how to be a responsible, productive, and successful leader. The PLA would show me how to take the initiative when I have a good idea and yearn to put it into action. When I enter the workplace or join a club or organization, I want to have the leadership skills that help me, my peers, and society. I believe that becoming a member of the PLA at Elmhurst College will change the path of my life. I think that it would help me in ways I cannot even imagine right now.
What does being a socially responsible leader mean to you?
Socially responsible leaders understand that all actions, big or small, have consequences. When working towards a group objective, a socially responsible leader recognizes that they must not harm any person or any other group in the process. The leader must be a real example of social responsibility in their personal behavior. A socially responsible leader does not put their own interests ahead of someone else’s. The leader works with the group to make a positive impact in the world for causes that do not only relate to their own interests or needs. They incorporate everyone’s ideas and interests. Being socially responsible is critically important in order to be the kind of leader that people respect and want to...

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