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The Importance Of Professional Communication Skills

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Being able to communicate effectively in a professional manner is vital in most, if not all, career paths. This statement brings up some important questions. Do potential employers really care about an applicant’s communication skills? How will I use communication skills in my own career? How has college improved my own professional communication skills? Understanding how to communicate in a professional manner can help people in their careers and I feel improving my own communication skills will benefit me now and in the future.
Susan Adams and Kyle Weins have both written articles on the importance of using good grammar in the workplace. Each article gives numerous compelling reasons why this is a good practice. Susan Adams’ article first reason for doing so is in regards to how other people would view someone who uses bad grammar. She brings out that someone’s image can be damaged when they have improper speech habits; consequently their chances of advancing at work could be limited. Second, she shows how using poor grammar could cause a manager to view an employee as unorganized or unable to perform more advanced tasks. Finally, she brings out that someone who has poor speaking habits could be perceived as not having a firm grasp on the subject they are speaking about (Adams). Kyle Weins article also brings out some important points on bad grammar in the workplace. First, he shows that in today’s world people’s intelligence is judged based on what they say or what they type. The second point relates to how a manager could perceive someone with poor grammar. A manager could see an employee who uses poor grammar as someone who struggles to concentrate on tasks and doesn’t show attention to detail. Finally, he shows that people with poor grammar habits could also already have or develop bad habits in other areas of their work (Weins). These six points from both articles show how important to practice good grammar habits in the workplace and how employers view poor communication skills.
The importance of using good grammar is also apparent in the career path that I would like to pursue. My preferred career is to become a systems administrator for a large company. This career demands a high level of communication skills; a few examples...

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