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The Importance Of Proper Aircraft Maintenance

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As the development of aviation industry grows, more and more aircraft crashes occur. There are many reasons that lead to aircraft crashes, but one of them, is because of improper aircraft maintenance. Why is proper aircraft maintenance so important? Proper aircraft maintenance is critical in order to keep the aircraft can function properly, every aircraft part is in good condition and ensure the safety of pilots and passengers. Proper maintenance has many parts. The most common part is inspections, which pilots do them every day; the main part is overhaul and repair of an aircraft; and maintenance documentation is another important part of aircraft maintenance which improper maintenance documentation has caused many incidents.
Aircrafts undergo a variety of stresses, strains, vibrations, and detrimental environments. It is important to inspect the aircraft regularly in order to keep the aircraft operable, which inspections of the aircraft is a big part of proper maintenance. There are many types of inspection; the most common one is pre-flight inspection and post-flight inspection. Under the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs), a pre-flight inspection is mandatory for Pilot Proficiency Check. During a pre-flight inspection, the pilot should use the pre-flight checklist to perform an inspection on the exterior and interior of the aircraft. It is a chance for the pilot to check any defects on the aircraft that may cause a problem, and the readability of the radio signals.

(The order of a pre-flight inspection) Usually, the order of pre-flight inspection starts at the cabin, to the empennage, then right wing trailing edge, right wing, next nose, and left wing, left wing leading edge, last left wing trailing edge. Only the aircrafts that meet all the standards of a
pre-flight inspection are allowed for take-off. Post-flight inspections are performed after flights, which are checking if there is any defect on the aircraft after the flight. Aircrafts also require a thorough inspection after a certain period of time according to the type of aircraft. Complacency and overconfident are often what cause problems. Since pilots have a lot of experience of doing inspections, they often get a feeling of they can do it very well and start not to follow the checklist. Then problems start to occur because even a loosen bolt can cause an aircraft crashes.
The main part of aircraft maintenance is overhaul and repair. The entire aircraft needs to be examined, maintained, and have the necessary parts repaired or replaced up the safety standards under CARs. An aircraft has many parts, which are the airframe, landing gear, engine, fuel system, and flight instrumentation. Each part of the aircraft needs different maintenance and aircraft maintenance technicians since every part is very important to the aircraft. After complete any maintenance task, a maintenance release must be signed by an authorized person, usually an aircraft maintenance engineer or an...


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