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The Importance Of Proper Rest Essay

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The Importance of Proper a Rest?

Sleeping disorders are often over-looked especially in today's society. Proper sleep or rest is necessary in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The effects of abnormal sleeping patterns can be detrimental not only to the subject but others around them. Sleep deprivation is often misdiagnosed as Attention Deficit Disorder or Depression due to similar symptoms. In extreme cases of sleep deficiency, subjects have been known to experience psychosis or manic symptoms most commonly associated with Manic Depressive Disorder and Schizophrenia. Treatment of these diseases may require extensive therapy and medications. These medications can have harmful effects especially when attempting to treat the wrong cause for similar symptoms. In order to prevent misdiagnosis of sleep deprivation, doctors should first make suggestions to improve lifestyle habits and thoroughly test patients before giving a final diagnosis.
The development of technology has greatly altered the lives of many, an impact so subtle it often goes unrecognized, even by the subject being affected. A side effect, sleep deprivation. As the technological age has grown the attention span of individuals has shortened. Due to the many devices individuals use on a regular basis, concentration on tasking has decreased because of the many tasks needing to be done and the demand of multitasking. With so many things to be done and little time allotted to do them, people rarely have time to rest. Individuals have a tendency to take their work home, whether it be literally working from home and being in constant contact with their jobs, or simply stressing over occurrences on the job and unfinished objectives. Technology is the main reason for the increase of stressors in individuals over the years. In fact, sixty three percent of college students suffer from sleep deprivation. Whether its pulling all-nighters, working long hours, or partying at night, the lack of a proper nights sleep takes a toll on students grades. This sleepless void continues to widen, sleep can not be regained. By trying to make up for lost sleep the individual actually makes the problem worse by over sleeping instead of regulating a pattern.
Of course lifestyle is not the only cause for sleep deprivation. Often the condition can be explained medically. The most common medical condition is called Sleep Apnea. This occurs when subjects have difficulty staying asleep due to irregular breathing patterns usually due to enlarged tonsils or adenoids. This condition has become increasingly common in children. Sleep Apnea is often misdiagnosed as ADD or ADHD in children. In the nineteen eighties having a child’s tonsils removed was a common procedure. Physicians felt that removing tonsils was an unnecessary procedure which was risky and costly. Inducing any patient under full anesthesia is dangerous and the surgery itself is bloody and difficult to perform. In fact, the increased sickness in...

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