The Importance Of Public Speaking Skills In University Lecturing

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COR109 Communication & Thought
Assessment Task 2: The Analytical Report

A report on the importance of public speaking skills in university lecturing

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Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction 1
1.1 Authorisation 1
1.2 Limitations 1
1.3 Scope and Methodology 1
2.0 Outline of Public Speaking and the link to university lecturing 1
3.0 Preparation 1
3.1 Explanation of the preparation stage 1
3.2 Analyse Benefits 2
4.0 Visual aids 2
4.1 Explanation of ...view middle of the document...

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2.0 Outline of Public Speaking and the link to university lecturing
Public speaking is fundamental in university lecturing as lecturers are required to effectively present complex content to a variety of people. The three skills of preparation, using visual aids and congruent nonverbal attributes are paramount to effective public speaking and therefore also to lecturing. The informative academic lecture requires the presenter to confidently address a range of audiences and clearly present course content in a way that insights learning. Lectures require some form of preparation, may benefit from enhancing visuals and during the presentation the nonverbal actions of the lecturer may change the effectiveness of the students’ learning.
3.0 Preparation
3.1 Explanation of the preparation stage
Effective preparation is a key factor in the construction of successful presentations for any audience (DeVito 2012; Nash 2013). Preparation is the majority of the presentation processes for a public speech (DeVito 2012) and can be segmented into brainstorming, audience analysis, concept mapping, research, planning, writing and rehearsal (Nash 2013). To correctly inform any audience they should first be analysed to create an approximate profile to best deliver the speech to (DeVito 2012). This intermediate step between recognising the purpose of a presentation and the beginning of the content curation (DeVito 2012) enables for more appropriate information to be gathered and more astute insights and analyses to be developed (Nash 2013). Another significant consideration is how the utilised preparation time changes the quality of the speech (Nash 2013); Goberman, Haydock and Hughes (2011) found that the more time used when preparing increased the acoustical quality of the presentation. (CONCLUDING SENTENCE)
3.2 Analyse Benefits
When the preparation process of a speech is utilised the quality of the final lecture is greater than if the preparation had less structure. Informing a class on a topic they have limited knowledge on requires the accurate content of the course to be presented in a manner that facilitates students’ learning (Hafler 2011) which can be found with a thorough audience analysis. Subsequent content curation will be far more relevant to the class. In the final stages of preparation rehearsal allows the presenter to become familiar with the content and flow of their presentation which makes the result more authoritative and informed (Mazer & Titsworth 2012). Also, during preparation substitute audiences can be used to receive feedback on the presenter’s delivery which allows them to become self-aware of their teaching skills and adapt them to the audience (Hafler 2011).

4.0 Visual aids
4.1 Explanation of visual aids
Visual aids enhance the quality of informatively persuasive speeches by providing additional sensory information to enhance the presenter’s oral insights. Effective integration of a variety of...

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