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The Importance Of Recycling And Its Pay

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Many people in this society have been contemplating the answer to the question, is recycling a waste of time? To some people, considering that recycling is a waste of time seems reasonable. To several other people, believing that recycling is wasteful seems despicable and foolish, considering the fact that recycling is very beneficial to humans and the environment, and a profit can be made off of it. Recycling is most definitely not a waste of time. In fact, the word itself means the opposite of waste. Recycling helps us preserve the Earth's resources, can be made into a profit, and although a price may have to be paid to recycle, it is very worthwhile.
Recycling guides people to save the environment and the economy. Furthermore, recycling is making old material into new material on a very basic level. According to the article, “Five Ways to Make Recycling Pay”, “the average American throws away ...view middle of the document...

I eventually got in the habit of recycling. Through my entire childhood, I had been taught that recycling limits the people from contributing to landfills and helps them save the environment. Recycling definitely helps the environment and the economy, but there are also several other favorable repercussions that can come from recycling.
Unknown to many, there are actually a few ways to make a profit off of recycling. The profit one can make when recycling is not particularly large, but it is still money that can be earned without a heavy load of work. In 11 states, you can collect bottles and cans and turn them in to get around 5 or 10 cents per bottle (Trip Advisor). You can sell old technology to sites such as or to get paid (Morris). According to the article, “Five Ways to Make Recycling Pay”, Recyclebank rewards you for recycling by giving you coupons and discounts for certain brands. “An average Recyclebank member can save over $130 a year through discounts, coupons and deals in their rewards program” (Morris). Despite the low value of the profit made from recycling, money is money, and what you earn from recycling is worthwhile, in the long run.
Some may say that recycling is unprofitable because “residents have to pay extra so that a waste company will recycle their paper, plastic, and glass” (Fedako). Although this perspective may be true, recycling can be made into an advantage with a few tweaks here and there, as mentioned before. Recycling may add a little extra cost on your bill but if some changes are made, recycling can be rewarding to you and your family. The pros that come from recycling heavily outweigh the cons.
Recycling is not wasteful because you can save the environment from doing it. It is also a good way to earn a bit of money. Recycling preserves the Earth, saves and gives you money, and provides material for new things to be made. There are no strong reasons why recycling is wasteful, because after all, recycling means the opposite of waste. So don't forget to recycle all that you can, because you are saving money and the environment.

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