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The Importance Of Religion For Two Paradigms: Science And Natural Philosophy

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Gürkan Soykan 16922
Importance of Religion for Two Paradigms: Science and Natural Philosophy
Since the beginning of the intellectual development of mankind, the question of whether there is god or not has been a question that still remains. However, its effects on our way of thinking has been shaped by a number of people, thinkers, priests, scientists so on and so forth. If we were to divide that continuum into two parts, they would be before the enlightenment and after the enlightenment. Namely the times of natural philosophy and times of science since the term produced after the mid eighteenths. Before the enlightenment religion was the core, center pillar of natural philosophy when the medieval Europe was thought. Nevertheless, after that era the religion was secluded from the “science” in a way that it may have affected the processes but it did not have such condition that could alter the methodology of thinking and contemplating.
First of all, to comprehend that situation, what the natural philosophy have to be known. Natural philosophy is the philosophical way of thinking over how the nature works. That philosophical mainstream founded in ancient Greece. They observed the nature and tried to know how all this could be happening around them basically they wanted to be aware of their environment. But when it comes to how that natural philosophy came into contact with religion. The Muslim thinkers used that natural philosophy to promote Islamic beliefs and even to justify the existence of god itself. Then, the Christian church had done the same thing. Apart from the spread of natural philosophy it is also important that how natural philosophers interpreted the environment and nature. It was such a way that after the observations of phenomenon’s they criticized and tried to come up with explanations to these incidents by using arguments and postulates. If their statements had been consistent with each other that means process had done. However, that does not mean that consistent statements were always true, mostly they were far away from the truth.
Secondly, Science depends on the scientific method consisting of four primary steps, observing, creating the hypothesis, experiment, and theory. The main difference between the natural philosophy and the science has come from the part of experiment. While science is empirical, natural philosophy is not. The power lies within science comes from the experiment part because it is undeniable. Moreover, there is another difference. In that, as Reeves (2008) states that the goal of natural philosophy is different than the modern science. Because, natural philosophers had no interest in prediction and control but rather general understanding of nature.
Thirdly, place of religion in those two paradigms. As a...

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