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The Importance Of Research In Psychology

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Research is a necessary skill in the Psychology field because it is the key to observing, diagnosing, and treating clients with psychological problems. “Among the health care professions clinical psychology is one of few to provide extensive research training.” (Howes, 1996) Clinical Psychologist uses the scientific method as the procedure for research. Psychology is the only mental health discipline that has its roots in academic research rather than in practice. “Research is the foundation of all Clinical Psychology activities.” (Plante, 2005)

Observation is essential for psychologists to get to know their clients. Examination consists of learning and understanding the way the client acts ...view middle of the document...

” (Plante, 2005) Research helps determine which assessment or treatment approach is most effective for the particular client and clinical problem. There are a number of methods used in assessment, to illustrate interviewing, systematic observation, and psychometric testing of the client or group. However, psychological assessments are far more than just tests. As Coaley mentioned “ True assessments are really more complex, involving the research of information from different sources such as personal, social, and medical history, to achieve a higher understanding of a person or group.” (2010) Therefore the goal of assessment is to analyze the situation by developing a full understanding of the factors that play a part in the client’s current problem.

When choosing a treatment plan, it is necessary to put all research together. As Thomas Plante said, “No two people are exactly alike; what holds for one may not hold for the other.” The Hierarchy of Research is a great tool to use when going forth with a treatment plan. It includes five types of evidence-based research types. Beginning at the bottom working up to the top, the hierarchy consists of professional opinion and prior experience, expert thoughts based on formal procedures, studies that have limited internal and external validity, studies that collectively have high internal and external validity, and systematic knowledge syntheses ideally combining high internal and external validity. Dozois explains, “The psychologist is to use the hierarchy to make initial treatment decisions, and then monitor change over time,...

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