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The Importance Of Self Respect Essay

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Marcus Aurelius who was the leader and emperor of the Roman Empire in the year 161 once said “Never esteem anything as of advantage to you that will make you break your word or lose your self-respect.” Self respect is the epitome of Integrity. One who is true to himself obtains a certain respect in himself. He carries himself in such a way that permeates that respect and allows others to respect themselves and to show respect back to him. Profanity and a bad attitude are not a normal part of my character. Carrying myself with an heir of not caring about what I am doing is not in my character. I, like many airmen, are surrounded by many different people of many different backgrounds and mindsets. A great deal of the time I am surrounded by many who don’t really want to be in the military of who express themselves through vulgarity and profanity. It is almost commonplace many times it seems like. Again, however, as I said before this is not in my nature to do so. When I partook in profanity during my brief and portrayed an attitude of “who cares”, I was not being true to myself. Because of this my integrity came into question. Many who saw me as a respectful, religious, and a straight up man, lost that view and respect of me. I could lose my home and all my possessions and it wouldn’t compare to the feeling of losing the respect and trust of my leaders and colleagues.
Humility is an integral part of integrity. Humility suggests to an individual that they are never more important than the mission or group. Humility incorporates all of the aspects of Integrity. If a person is humble they will take accountability and responsibility for their actions and their duties and will have the courage to put others first. They will be honest in their dealings with their fellow men because they lying is a form of pride and it is selfish. “Demonstrate effective followership by enthusiastically supporting, explaining, and promoting
leaders’ decisions.”

Now I will relate this certain incident to the second core value, Service Before Self. This was alluded to before in reflecting on those who have gone before and sacrificed everything even their own lives to preserve what Americans and airmen today now enjoy. Service Before Self means as it implies, putting the needs and ideals of the Air Force and Country before one’s personal needs, ideals and desires. It is recognizing that personal perfection, although it may be a goal it is not always a reality and that consistent progression is key. It is showing conviction, no matter what the opposition.
As outlined by the Air Force in the “little blue book”, rule following is the main way to demonstrate Service Before Self. Rules often times are the way that an organization such as the Air Force, makes know their needs, ideals and desires. As the “little blue book” indicates “are duties are most commonly expressed through rules” (pg 6). In the case of the incident at hand, it is recognized that if I had...

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