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The Importance Of Software Engineers In Today's World Of Technology

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Software Engineers are very important to the technology world today. They create software that we use every day, such as Microsoft Office, E-mail, Games, or anything that involves the use of computer systems or mobile system software’s. Designing software for the consumers takes much time and detail in order to get the software perfectly made. Depending on the company they work for, they could be designing software from little games to software that could possibly change how computer systems operate. Software Engineers are the heart behind the making of computer applications and mobile applications, this career offers internships, where you earn on-the-job training; they create and design software to meet consumer’s needs, the job offers high pay and the possibility for advancements throughout your career.
Software Engineers create software for computer systems, so they can run smoothly and properly. These engineers also test and evaluate software for each type of computer platform. They create software for computer operating systems such as, Windows and Mac. Types of software include games, spreadsheets, databases, and accounting software (Kirk 35). In order to design these types of software for businesses and consumers, software engineers must know how to use programming languages such as, C, C++, and Java (36). Types of projects they perform depends on the company they work for and the size of the IT department, although the role they perform still involves creating and designing software.
Software Engineers work in well lit offices and very comfortable working conditions. Most software engineers work forty hours a week, sometimes through the evening and on the weekends to meet project deadlines. Due to spending much of the day looking at a computer screen, software engineers are more prone to eyestrain, back pains, and wrist problems, however, many large companies offer perks while on the job such as, biking,...

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