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The Importance Of Storage In Fresh Fruit And Vegetables Logistics

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The fresh fruit and vegetable is important and remarkable point in supply chain. The fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain is characterized by many national and international small and medium-sized enterprises at the production stage. And also the consumer demand for fresh fruits and vegetables all over the year is a special challenge of this chain and this chain strongly impacts all of the particularities. Therefore, the adoption of new Technologies and new opportunities for improving information logistic can have important benefits to meet the fresh fruit and vegetable’s conditions. One important benefit is the collection information and determine an impact on the ...view middle of the document...

8 85-90 Low -
plum 0-3 4-6 -2.0 90-92 Mediocre -

fig 0-2 5-7 -2.4 90-93 Low Strong and semi grown
apricot 0-1 4-6 -1.1 90-92 High -
chestnut 2-4 10-12 -4.4 85-90 Low High Moisture
cherry 0-1 5-7 -2.0 90-92 Too low -
Lemon(yellow) 10-14 7-14 -1.9 85-90 mediocre -
Lemon(green) 14-16 10-15 -1.5 90-95 mediocre -
mandarin 3-5 5-9 -1.8 85-90 mediocre -
Banana 11-14 8-15 -3.0 85-90 High -
pomegranate 5-7 4-6 -3.0 85-90 Too low -
Orange 5-7 6-8 -2.0 85-90 High -
1-3 4-6 -1.3 85-90 mediocre -
Date 2-4 6-8 -2.2 90-95 mediocre
grape 0-2 4-6 -2.9 90-95 mediocre sulphur dioxide

vegetables temperature (°C) Time(day) hoarfrost point (°C) Moisture(%) Probability Of Air change
faba bean 6-8 5-7 -1,8 90-95 Mediocre
lady's finger
8-12 3-8 -1,8 90-95 Mediocre
italian pepper 9-10 4-7 -0,8 90-95 High
pepper 8-12 4-6 -0,7 90-95 Mediocre
broccoli 2-4 6-12 -2,0 90-95 High
tomato 7-8 5-7 -0,8 90-95 Mediocre
1-3 7-14 -1,9 90-95 Mediocre
bean 4-8 4-7 -0,9 90-95 Mediocre
Carrot 0-4 8-18 -1,3 90-95 Mediocre
cucumber 8-12 7-10 -0,5 90-95 Mediocre
spinach 2-4 3-6 -0,8 90-95 Mediocre
Cucurbita (summer) 7-10 4-8 -1,8 85-90 Mediocre
Cucurbita (winter) 6-12 10-16 -2,2 75-85 Mediocre
watermelon 5-7 7-12 -1,4 85-90 Mediocre
rmelon 4-8 5-10 -1,7 85-90 Mediocre
celery 0-4 7-14 -1,3 90-95 Low
cabbage 0-4 6-12 -1,8 90-95 Mediocre
mushroom 0-2 3-5 -1,2 90-95 Low
aubergine 8-12 5-8 -1,0 90-95 Mediocre
onion 0-4 8-14 -1,8 75-80 High
0-4 10-16 -4,1 65-70 High

Fresh fruits and vegetables logistics stages
• Harvesting
It is main that fruits and vegetables are not damaged during harvest and that they are kept clean. Its really important point that be clean in harvesting . On the other hand After damaged induce much shorter storage lives and very poor appearance in storage. Dirty produce can introduce pests into the store. Maybe dirty conditions of harvesting cause shorter storage lives and decreasing quality of storage conditions. The produce should be harvested carefully using some specific equipments. The fruits and vegetables should not be placed on the ground where they are dirty. They should be careful to ground that not dirty. And also equipments that using in harvesting, should be clean.
• Handling
It is important that the produce does not get dirty or damaged during handling. Careful handling should be on rule.To get improvements and succesfull on storage we should have hansling rule. They have set options for handling rule. The best option is for the produce to be prepared for storage in the field and placed carefully in the storage containers used in the cold store. You should keep damage level on low on handling.
• Storage
Storage also is another factor to have to be carefully. They should follows the storage’s rules. Storage condition is essential impact to store efficiently and get fresh fruits and vegetables. There is so much factors to effect conditions so they prepare precautions. We should consider conditions of storage like...

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