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The Importance Of Structure In "The Agamemnon" Is A Classic Greek Tragedy Written By Aeschylus.

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The Agamemnon is a classic Greek tragedy written by Aeschylus in which he entails the continuation of the curse on the house of Atreus in the time period following the end of the Trojan War and the return of King Agamemnon. This play tells of the murders of Cassandra and Agamemnon-by-Agamemnon's wife Clytemestra. Throughout the play many aspects have a profound effect on the structure. Things such as the chorus, audience, the use of common literary devices such as "buts" and ellipses" as well as foreshadowing and flashback had an immense effect on the overall structure of the play The Agamemnon. In The Agamemnon the structure had a huge effect on the overall outcome and appearance of the play.To begin, the chorus had a very large effect on the structure of The Agamemnon. In a small way it lets the reader/audience know about things taking place outside the realm of the play's setting. This was not as important at the time this play would have been performed, but in this modern era it is very important that the chorus inform the audience with past events like the outcome of the Trojan War and the death of Iphagania. Such as in this case " Then the elder king found voice and said: "This fate is hard to disobey, and hard I obey. Sever my child-my palace pearl? Bloody my hands in that virgin flood? A fathers hands at the alter side? Oh which is worse? But how can I betray my fleet and fail my allies? They are right in their fury-bound frenzy to imprecate the winds to calm by the blood of a virgin sacrificed...I hope it my be well!" If not for excerpts such as that one modern readers as well as some audience members in the past would not know the story of Iphagania and how it made Agamemnon make a choice no one would want to face and one in which the decision led to his death. The chorus informing the audience/reader things they might not know provides a colossal influence on the structure of the play, without them the reader might become confused or lost in some of the occurrences that take place throughout the story. Yet the chorus makes the structure flow better for the reader to become more involved in the situation of the play. That is not the only way, in which the chorus affects the structure of The Agamemnon, there is another vital way in which the chorus affects the structure. The other very important way is in which the chorus affects the structure is the way that the chorus represents the idea of the average people of the time period; the people the audience/reader can relate to the best and understand the situations that take place throughout this Greek classic. This aspect of the play affects the structure in a very large way. It gives the reader/audience a viewpoint that is easily understandable, a message that is meant for them and not the upper class that would not be provided without Aeschylus use of the chorus. That use makes the structure more broad, showing different viewpoints, which is always important when writing. Also it builds...

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