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The Importance Of Studying Interpersonal Communication

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Interpersonal communication is an important day-to-day life skill that many people may go their entire life without formally learning about. Interpersonal communication is the communication between two or more people who are sending and receiving verbal or nonverbal language back and forth. The opportunity to study it at a college level is very important in that it can give you a more refined insight into how it works without needing to breeze over or amend certain segments for the audience. Without a firm understanding of what goes into successful interpersonal communication we may never develop the ability to read the messages or meanings that others are giving off in a conversation ...view middle of the document...

A formal education, especially at the college level, would allow us the ability to remedy that belief in our mind and realize that communication, be it verbal or nonverbal, is subjective from the the sender and to the receiver. Since communication is so subjective, even with a course on the matter, we would never be able to cover the entire spectrum of what every single type of person may mean by their words or actions. The skeleton of understanding that is set up in a college course is intended for the student to be able to have a second start at attempting to understand people when they may have spent their entire life misinterpreting many things which, by the time the course is taken, could have lead to lost relationships, jobs, or worse. An interpersonal communication class in college could almost be seen as a remedial life skill course to attempt to re-teach what you thought you already knew and hopefully instill new ideas and a new understanding in your head to take forward with you in life.
The dynamic nature of communication can almost appear static in many cases. These cases are put into our brains by years of social training that is very hard to change through a simple class in communication. This would mean that how you communicate with someone is based on various factors such as where you are and who you or they are. It is very understood that you would talk to your general manager at work very different than you would talk to a friend of yours. Likewise the way you would talk to a stranger from a foreign country would possibly be different than the way you would talk to a stranger from your hometown. The way you speak and act toward various people is typically burned into your brain through a lifetime of interactions and relationships. To change or, in a sense, remedy these is nearly impossible because of this involuntary lifelong training. Making an attempt to learn more about this in college could help you in your understanding of different people though as, for some, it is early enough in your life to allow change in your mind. On a college level, you are more free to speak your mind on how you feel or tend to treat various people and this more free speech allows others to...

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