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The Importance Of Survival Essay

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Survival is the on going, persistent fight for one’s life. As humans, it’s our natural-born instinct to survive no matter how hard or unusual the circumstance. Life of Pi teaches us that it is never easy to survive, along with some of the essentials that we need in our everyday life. Pi’s 227 days at sea is a prime example of how incredibly difficult and extensive a given situation could be. There are many themes in this novel that one could elaborate on, but I personally took Pi’s means of survival to be the most important lesson to fully grasp. The need for survival almost always outplays morality, even for a character like Pi, who is deeply principled and religious. When Pi tells the ...view middle of the document...

This was his way of putting Pi back in his place to study and practice their religion; indeed, it worked.
Pi’s father taught him several lessons about how dangerous the animals in their zoo were. He relates to us something his father once explained to him; animals, especially tigers, are not your friends. The father foreshadows future events when he calls Pi and Ravi over to him to teach them another lesson he says could one day save their lives. He has his sons identify the 550-pound tiger as a dangerous animal, and then throws a goat into the cage so they could witness the malicious, bloody act of what a tiger can do. This was an unforgettable sight for an eight-year-old to see.
Although it’s pretty safe to say that most of us won’t be put in a situation like Pi, its still a priority that we know how to stay alive. Both natural disasters and everything man-made that can fail us will leave those sorry who don’t understand the basics of survival:

Human beings are defined by what they are; not what they are not. Having a clear understanding of what a human is, his instincts, organic and vital needs and all that is manifested from them is crucial for humanity to be aware of the purpose of life and finiteness of the human being. An accurate and comprehensive understanding of these things will cause people to seek revival and progress in the path for humankind’s betterment. Humanity wants practical solutions for systematic problems; humans need to have their affairs organized as well as their instincts and needs satisfied in the proper way so that society will be in harmony and justice will prevail. (Mahdi Muhammad, Instincts of human beings)

Neither issues can be prevented before its too late, but survival skills can somewhat prepare us for the inevitable; such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, plane crashes, gas leaks, the list goes on and on. Knowledge on how to survive is always with you, it doesn’t require a power source, depend on fuel, or of the like.
Some of the necessary essentials to live include all the basics. One must learn how to grow or find food, and obtain water and purify it. Learn first aid and how to defend yourself. These things will come to you once you are able to condition yourself into a survival mentality. Perhaps you are stranded with family, it becomes a priority to keep them alive as well. Pi is put in this situation when he’s left to provide for Richard Parker and himself.
“My fear of him keeps me alert. Tending to his needs gives my life purpose”
There is so much irony in this statement by Pi. We learn in previous chapters about how Pi’s father purposely scared his son of the tiger in order to keep him alive, but I’m sure this wasn’t what the man had in mind. In a way the father’s tactic worked because Pi was able to make separate shelter on another raft. This created a good space between the boy and the hungry, violent animal. But...

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