The Importance Of The Three Scaffold Scenes

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The three scaffold scenes represent the three main points of the scarlet letter. They each contain a great deal of significance to the characters involved and are a largepart of the plot of the novel. The book is broken down by these scenes into andintroduction, and climax, and a conclusion. Though the scaffold scenes are mainly of theaction and happenings of the novel, they also very greatly influential to the specificdevelopment of the characters.The First scaffold scene when Hester receives her punishment of standing on thescaffold for all to see. The scene allows us to get to know Hester a little by going in toher background through her daydreams. It also depicts the Puritan society and judgment.Hester first attempts to hide the scarlet letter by pulling her baby, Pearl close to her chest,but she quickly realizes that it is no use hiding one emblem of her sin with another. Anew character is introduced in this scene, Roger Chillingworth, who is actually Hester'shusband. The first impression we receive of Chillingworth is utter disappointment in Hester for baring another man's child unlawfully. The scene ends with the olderreverend making a comment that Hester's baby wants to know who her father is, and withReverend Dimmesdale pressing Hester to reveal her lover but stopping as soon as sherefuses. By the climax, the next scaffold scene, the characters have all been well developed. This is the reason that this scene is so shocking. Dimmesdale mounts the scaffold at night and lets out a loud yelp. He is worried about the townspeople hearing him but if they did hear it they most likely thought it...

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