The Importance Of The Cell Phone Age: From Stone Age To Phone Age By Barbara Ehrenreich

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In “From Stone Age to Phone Age”, Barbara Ehrenreich describes that cell phones are not well suited to her even though they are fashionable. In her article, she points out cell phones are not used to connect people to each other but to isolate them from a big group of people. I think cell phones are very important to our daily life because they are convenient to manage our lives. Moreover, from the earlier cell phone age to nowadays, cell phones have been developed a lot; today many fancy phones are displayed on the market. Cell phones have become one of the essential materials of our daily life, and they are convenient to people, useful and economical.
Since people started using cell phones, they have become more and more popular in the society. In the earlier cell phone age, cell phones didn’t have much multifunction but there were still many people used it. First, the cell phone is really a convenient way to communicate with people. For example, if I’m in the shopping mall and suddenly I want to go to my friend’s home, so I can call her first to make sure she has time. Especially in the United States, people don’t like you to come to their house without notifying them. In Barbara Eherenreich’s article, it says: “according to which the cell phone users are seeking not fellowship but isolation from the hordes of fellow humans around them.”(from 3rd paragraph) The person who invented cell phones are easily to communicate to their relative although they didn’t have much multifunction at that time. Before the cell phone came out, we used pagers but they couldn’t let us know what had happened immediately. We had to call the calling station to get the messages from our relatives. Also, cell phones are good for emergencies if you have any urgent problems, you can call your relatives to help you instead of using the pager to leave a message.
As the time goes by, cell phones have evolved by the cell phone companies. There are many fancy cell phones are posted on the market; however, cell phones are not only used in communication, but also are useful in our life. For example, we don’t need to remember all sundry events which use the “Note” function to put any event in the cell phone and set it “Show on standby”, so when we look up our cell phone, it will show...

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