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The Importance Of The Comparison Between Characters And Animals In "Wild Geese"

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Throughout the novel "Wild Geese", written by Martha Ostenso, there are many instances were a comparison is made between the characters and animals such as wild geese. One of these comparisons can be found on page forty-nine . Wild geese are used to describe the emotions and actions of the characters. Mark Jordan is one of the characters who is described as being a wild goose. This passage is important because it gives the reader some meaning as to what the title means, allows the reader to understand why the characters, Mark Jordan in particular, is being compared to wild geese, and how different characters are feeling the same way.One of the most important aspects to understanding a book is understanding what is meant by the title. In the case of Ostenso's novel, "Wild Geese", understanding the meaning of the title is difficult right off the start because we are not sure if the novel is about facts on wild geese, if the wild geese is a symbol for something or if it means something totally different. To understand the meaning of the title it is required to read a fair bit into the novel before it is evident because the meaning only becomes fairly evident after approx. the first 60 pages. The passage on page forty-nine helps make a connection between the title and the characters by giving the reader and idea of what the wild geese mean. It is one of the first direct references to wild geese and is important to give the reader a basic idea of why the novel is called "Wild Geese". This passage allows the reader to understand that the characters are being compared to different animals, wild geese in this case. If we were to remove this passage from the novel the reader task of determining the meaning of the title would become much more difficult and thus the emotions of Mark Jordan and possibly Lind Archer, another character compared to wild geese, may not be as evident because the reader would not know what the wild geese represents.Removing this passage from the...

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