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The Importance Of The Concept Of Citizenship In The Development Of Ec Law After Maastricht

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The Importance of the Concept of Citizenship in the Development of EC Law After Maastricht

Freedom of movement for persons and the abolition of controls at
internal frontiers form part of a wider concept, that of the internal
market in which it is not possible for internal frontiers to exist or
for individuals to be hampered in their movements.

The concept of the free movement of persons has changed in meaning
since its inception. The first provisions on the subject referred
merely to the free movement individuals considered as economic agents,
either as employees or providers of services. The original economic
concept has gradually widened to take on a more general meaning
connected with the idea of Union citizenship, independent of any
economic activity or distinctions of nationality. This also applies to
nationals of third countries, because after controls were abolished at
internal borders people could obviously no longer be checked for

The importance of citizenship in EC law is that members are able to
move anywhere within EC countries to obtain employment, by being a
member you gain automatic rights. the idea is that there should be a
level playing field and that if you move to a country with EC
membership there is no need to have work visas, it is intended that
once all members are fully integrated and adopt the euro dollar that
there will no longer be a division of the countries and that citizens
will be able to have the same rights of the people whose country they
are living in at that moment in time. That would mean the same rights
to benefit payment as well as employment opportunities and housing.
This would mean that citizens would be able to travel anywhere within
the EC communities in order to obtain suitable employment. The rights
also extend to the immediate family of the citizen regardless of
whether they have citizenship or not, the transfer of citizen rights
to other members of the household is automatic except for in the
sphere of employment, though there are plans to make it so that
partners of people with citizenship should have full entitlement. At
present the only right they have is to move to the location of their

The Maastricht treaty amended the treaty of Rome and the single
European Act and introduced new powers and policy areas. Major aspects
of EC policies were not changed at all by the new treaty e.g. the
common agricultural policy.

The treaty went into effect on 1 November 1993.The European Economic
Community- renamed the 'European Community' under the Treaty of
Maastricht-takes a broader approach than the other two Communities.
Its goal is to promote comprehensive economic integration and these
provisions apply to all workers of the members states regardless of
occupation. It includes the following titles:


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