The Need For The Expulsion Of All Illegal Aliens

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American taxpayers spend billions of dollars annually on illegal immigrants (Camarota). Illegal immigrants pose many risks to the American public. These risks range from financial distress to terrorism. Therefore, the United States government should deport all illegal immigrants from its borders.
Most importantly, illegal immigrants drain the American economy. The many costs of illegal immigration create an unmanageable debt for the American public. For example, legal Americans pay taxes to the government that help pay for various government programs and projects; however, illegal aliens in America typically do not pay taxes to the government but still use these programs. The costs of illegal alien’s use of these programs annually amounts to “more than 26.3 billion dollars” (Camarota), a debt that seriously hampers the United State’s economy’s ability to advance in the global market place. Although proponents of illegal immigration argue that amnesty of all illegal aliens will balance these expenses, studies have shown that illegal immigrants “tend to make very modest tax payments” (Camarota) once granted amnesty. However, the fiscal burden illegal immigrants bring originates itself from their home countries, mainly Mexico and Central America, where “at least three million” (Cosman) illegal aliens come from annually. Problems such as the lack of an education that many illegal immigrants have affected the United States economy by taking away jobs from poorly educated legal Americans. Due to the fact that “fifty-seven percent of illegal immigrants” (Camarota) lack a high school education, they perform undesirable tasks for little money (Camarota). These jobs taken from ill educated Americans leave these legal citizens unemployed and impeding upon national economic growth (Camarota). The many economic downfalls that illegal immigrants bring to America cause the United States economy to suffer.
Furthermore, illegal immigrants in America pose a dangerous risk to the general public’s security. Due to the crime-ridden environment in which illegal aliens typically grow up in their home country, specifically Mexico, the crime rate among illegal immigrants soars far past the crime rate among legal citizens. For example, crime overran Los Angeles in 2004 with “95% of all outstanding warrants for homicide (which total 1,200 to 1,500) target illegal aliens” (Kirkwood). Some illegal immigrants bring other intolerable crimes, such as child molestation, to the United States. In fact, child molesters enter the nation at an alarming rate; according to the Violent Crimes Institute, “93 sex offenders and 12 serial sex offenders come across US borders illegally per day” (Kirkwood). The safety concerns that career criminal illegal immigrants have brought to America fade in comparison to the hellish crimes that illegal alien terrorist bear on Americans. While a majority of illegal immigrants have come to the United States searching for a better life, some have...

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