The Significance Of The Tet Offensive And How It Effected The Outcome Of War In Indochina.

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The Tet OffensiveThe American government had been telling their people that the communists were weakening and that they were now largely in control. What they saw through their television sets of the Tet Offensive contradicted this propaganda.Fifty million watched as the ARVN killed prisoners, innocent civilians, and South Vietnam was bombed. The US government was now unable to portray the war as clean, simple, and easily won as the media in South Vietnam had unlimited access and graphic coverage."Dead bodies lay amid the rubble and rattle of automatic gunfire as dazed American soldiers and civilians run back and forth, trying to flush out the assailants. Americans at home saw the carnage wrought by the offensive." - Stanley Karnow.As a direct result of these brutal displays, protests against the war greatly increased. Now, when the US government reported that the communists were weakening (which was the truth), few believed as they had been lied to earlier.The largest demonstrations were held on April 24, 1971. In San Francisco about 300,000 people gathered, in Washington between 500,000 and 750,000. These were probably the biggest political demonstrations in the history of the United States.The Vietnamese viewed these protests as a bad sign. Rumors began to spread through the south that the American's were about to sell off South Vietnam to the communist blocks. Some even went as far as believing that it was the US that assisted the communists in attacking the cities in South Vietnam. In the military, these rumors dealt deadly blows on the soldiers' morale. Their impacts still lingered on...

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The Tet Offensive in the Vietnam War

2634 words - 11 pages , fully mobilized to achieve quick victory” (Oberdorfer 258). That man was the commander of the United States’ efforts in Vietnam—General Westmoreland. Once the damage was done, it was almost a sure thing that American citizen opposition would greatly hinder the war effort. Protest occurred even before the Tet Offensive in both the United States and Vietnam. Vietnamese protest was headed primarily by Buddhist monks in opposition to

The Tet Offensive in the Vietnam War

1086 words - 4 pages American families through television reports. These reports swayed the American public’s minds by construing facts, making it look like The US was losing the battle. This was not the case. These reports hurt the reputation of US president Lynden B. Johnson and ultimately the success of the war in Vietnam. Although the Tet Offensive of 1968 was a military defeat for Northern Vietnam it became a political victory for them due to growing anti-war

Vietnam War and the TET Offensive

1434 words - 6 pages its roots and had a dramatic and lasting effect on US public opinion. It was a campaign that had been in preparation since a study carried out by General Giap in September 1967 had concluded that the war had reached a 'stalemate' situation and that something needed to be done. Out of this report arose the plans for the Tet offensive.Vietcong leaders had carried out a vigorous propaganda campaign in order to prepare their forces. Ho Chi Minh urged

Vietnam, The Tet Offensive.

1288 words - 5 pages ask whether a war against such passionate opponents could ever be won.Because of this change in public opinion the Tet Offensive was one of the reasons for the withdrawal of American troops in Vietnam, and the decline in US involvement. Without the enthusiasm of the general public the US government could not keep pouring money into the Vietnamese military budget (it had reached its highest point at the time of the Tet Offensive).The offensive

The Decolonisation of Indochina

1806 words - 7 pages than 100 people had to each purchase usually about ten litres of rice wine from local French monopolized outlets. The French also, kept a tight control on the Indochinese and censored any anti-French advertising e.g. posters etc. To top it all off, the people of Indochina were forced to fight in World War 1 even though it was not their fight. This undoubtedly displays the accuracy for the statements listed.[1: Cantwell, Thomas, Conflict in

The Impact of Media Coverage of the Tet Offensive on American Policy

2383 words - 10 pages attack after three years of fighting the powerful United States military. The Tet Offensive also made it hard to believe the promises of Westmoreland and Johnson that victory was close. In addition, newsmen were clustered in Saigon and Hue and the attack on these urban areas allowed many of the journalists to personally experience the violence of war for the first time. The distress caused many of them to change their opinion of the war, and

Assess the importance of the Viet Cong in the Communist victory in the Second Indochina War

1558 words - 6 pages contribution of the VC during Tet effectively led to the U.S. withdrawal in 1973, allowing the NVA to initiate the North Vietnamese Offensive in 1975, causing South Vietnam to surrender unconditionally.The role of the VC in a political context is of a considerable importance in the Communist victory in the Second Indochina War. Being influenced by mainly China and Russia, members of the VC learned the power of propaganda and in doing so became skilled at

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997 words - 4 pages Spring offensive; by Wilfred Owens focuses on the uselessness for war. There is a striking contrast between the first and last few stanzas, as in the beginning all is calm, slow and pleasant. From the 5th stanza onwards, there is a sudden change from the serene environment, to an outbreak of activity.The poem starts off with peace and tranquility. 'Lying easy, were at ease and finding comfortable chests and knees, Carelessly slept.' However even

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854 words - 3 pages as the years passed which led to more transportation of goods and to sell materials that you need. Although machines helped a lot in the growth of industrialization, they also took place of human labor. A farmer who would usually have to work the land by hand now had many machines that could easily do it for him. In document one it shows how this would cut labor costs and make factories a lot more efficient since machines worked faster and there

Was the tet offensive a significant turning point?

846 words - 3 pages 1968 the number of US troops in Vietnam escalated to 520,000.After 1968 troops de-escalated until they reached 200,000 in 1970.US tactics changed (strategic bombing)The Tet Offensive clearly kick started the process of withdrawal of US troops, as public support for the war had dropped so dramatically and Americans were eager to remove troops from Vietnam.However, there are limits to how far the Tet offensive was a significant turning point in the

This essay is about world war 2's many mistakes and how it effected Canada and the rest of the world. Will help anybody doing research or needing an essay on WWII

1094 words - 4 pages war materials, but no troops to support the British and French armies. War is very expensive, both financially and in lives. It is a very difficult decision, but Canada should not have sent any troops, just a few war materials; however, Canada should have still offered to command the Commonwealth Air Training Program.War is a very financially expensive way of settling differences, and Canada should not join wars that do not involve them. Canada had

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The Significance Of The Tet Offensive For The Vietnam War.

590 words - 2 pages , Vietminh failed to remove the US troops out of Vietnam but, they showed their military power and it showed that nowhere in Vietnam was safe including the US embassy in Saigon.Politically, the Tet Offensive made the Vietnam War more significant in US that it became one of the key issues in US politics during the presidential election year. The US politics were basically divided into two sides, the one for withdrawing troops out of Vietnam and the

What Really Was The True Significance Of The Tet Offensive For The Vietnam War?

998 words - 4 pages South Vietnam. Therefore, Tet Offensive was very important for the Vietnam War.From the Public opinion, US soldiers' morale and the North Vietnamese's stand points, they had all proven how and why the Tet Offensive was so important for the Vietnam War. The ending of the Vietnam War, therefore came sooner than it would be if there was no Tet Offensive."The War in Vietnam." 8 Jan. 2006 ."WALTER CRONKITE'S "WE ARE MIRED IN STALEMATE" BROADCAST." 8 Jan. 2006 ."The War in Vietnam,1965-1968." 8 Jan. 2006 ."Caputo." CNN Cold War. 8 Jan. 2006 .Giap." CNN Cold War. 9 Jan. 2006 .

What Was The Significance Of The Tet Offensive For The Vietnam War?

920 words - 4 pages after the Tet offensive; some advisers argued for withdrawal and the Defense Secretary, Robert McNamara, had resigned because of his disillusionment with the war. The Democratic Party convention in Chicago where their candidate for President would be chosen descended into chaos. Outside the convention anti-war protesters were violently attacked by armed policemen. Humphrey, the Vice-President, won the Democratic candidacy, but the chaos of the

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1119 words - 4 pages began propagandizing the war, which increased their soldier count while, as stated before, the desertion rate of the ARVN forces increased. North Vietnamese communists and Viet Cong members may have lost many soldiers, but with the incredible power and amount of land accepted, the Tet Offensive had brought them much gain. The United States, South, and North Vietnam were all greatly effected by the Tet Offensive. The supportive Amercian opinion