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The Importance Of Time Throughout History

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Timekeeping has been an integral part of life ever since humans stepped foot on the earth. Once humans realized the difference between night and day, moon phases were used to determine months, changing seasons and record years. Soon humans realized the connection of time with the sun’s position and started using shadows to keep time thus creating the sundial, used foremost by the Egyptians and Greeks. As life become more complex, so did the need to keep time accurately. Initially, the mechanical clock was invented in 1000 AD. We then graduated to using celestial time and finally the atomic clocks were invented in 1967. These atomic clocks are so efficient that they make other methods of timekeeping seem redundant. Thus we have come a long way in timekeeping and I strongly believe that continuing to use the earth’s rotation around the sun as a method of timekeeping would mean ignoring the advances made in timekeeping over the course of history and moving further back into the past.
The ancient method of using the earth’s rotation around the sun as a method of keeping time requires one to add leap seconds to the time determined by atomic clocks in order to keep it coordinated with celestial time. This is because the earth has been slowing down over the years due to friction between ocean tides and the shallow sea floors caused by the gravitational pull of the moon. This moon causes the earth’s spin to slow down as much as 1.4 milliseconds or longer. In addition to this, irregular rotations of the earth occur because the molten core and the solid mantle of earth rotate at different rates. These esoteric motions make timekeeping very unreliable and cause the Earth day to be longer than that measured by atomic clocks and the length of the Earth day continues to increase over the years. The current discrepancy between the atomic day and earth day is 1 second every 1.5 years!
Leap seconds have the potential of affecting global navigation systems, satellite systems and telecommunication in a detrimental way. With technological advances, global navigation and satellite systems require a continuous, uninterrupted time reference. A second might not have been that important in early 1900s because of the simplicity of life and absence of major technological advances. But currently, the addition or deletion of just one leap second has the ability to cause major disruptions. With the Internet and telecommunication systems today, thousands of interactions and transactions take place every second. Thus if it is decided to add or delete a leap second in order to coordinate time with the rotation of the earth, imagine the number of transactions that can be affected and the huge economic losses that will be caused as a result! Also with telecommunications, especially spread-spectrum communications, it is not possible to function without the ability to constantly keep time. Thus, during the introduction of the leap second, communications can be lost until...

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