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The Importance Of Urban Trees To Mankind

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Trees are one of the capital assets in natural and have potential for long life as a memorial. Trees will change their colour, size and shape in different seasons. Urban trees mean tree grow within a city, town or a suburb. Each tree can make an important contribution to urban area. Urban trees are community’s infrastructure like streets, hospitals, public buildings and sidewalks. Urban trees and forests are very important in cities because trees work 24 hours every day for us to improve our urban environment and quality of life that make communities livable for us. Also, there are many benefits of urban trees and forests. For example, trees increase the linkage between natural and urban, ...view middle of the document...

If people reduce stress appropriately, that can reduce crime indirectly and increase public safety because trees correlated with fewer incivilities, and less violent and aggressive behavior (Kuo and Sullivan, 2001). In USA, Kuo and Sullivan’s research note that if there are more tress and green area in community, the violent and property crimes rate will decrease (Kuo and Sullivan, 2001). That also creates a potential to decreases social service budgets and police calls for domestic violence. At the same time, they found that trees help to improve the relationship and stronger ties between people. For example, in inner city Chicago, there are 14% of interviewees who living in barren conditions, have intimidated to use a knife or gun against their children. And only 3% of interviewees live in green conditions. When stronger ties build up between people and trees, people will rally to speak out against about removing the trees from street or save a historic tree.
Urban tress and other green areas can enhance living and working environment to create relaxation and make us pleasant. The shade provide space for people carry out socialize activities, which increase recreational opportunities, and reduce UV exposure (Georgia urban forest council, 2004). Hospital patients recovered from surgery much quickly and fewer complications if they hospital room offered a trees view (Ulrich, 1984). Student have higher graduation rate, if the school campuses have trees view equally. Trees-shaded sidewalks encourage people to out of their home and walk rather than drive that can reduce air pollutant emission. People reduce inhale air pollutants and walk more that may reduce public medical expenses indirectly. In additional, urban trees enhance job satisfaction of workers (Wolf, 1998).
Trees and other plants can screen unwanted view and create a beautiful landscape through different colours and texture of green. They provide aesthetic enjoyment and let people to experience different colours, forms and textures. Trees can be a buffer in city. In urban area, there are many concrete and glass buildings but trees and other plants could help to keep urban area comfortable and look like more soften. If the city loss trees, the residents also loss opportunity relax and deal with strees. The landscape also changes and whole city only a concrete, metal and glass that is unlivable. Because people need more time to recovery and the crime rate may increase indirectly.
Climatic, environment and ecological
In the urban area, air pollution is one of serious pollution problems. The main pollutants are ozone, nitrogen oxides, sulfuric oxides and particulate matter. Trees capture pollutants very efficiently. Leaves (stems and wigs) of trees can fitter the air to improve air quality in cost-effective way. That helps to hold and trap particle pollutants which can cause health effect. For gaseous pollutants, trees absorb them through the pores in leaf surface. After that...

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