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I recently came across an article that discussed how customers placed more importance on certain parts of a company’s web page than others. It was also revealed that people are increasingly placing focus upon the actual look of website and the layout used. The aesthetics of a page, along with the loading times and content features, are more important now as they ever have been.

If your customers believe you have a good looking website they will usually be more willing to delve deeper and look more closely at the content. It means that more eyes will be on the services you’re offering people. Remember, in business first impressions are everything, even in the online world.

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Consistent updates not only lead to improved search engine ranking, but also increased sales and user engagement.
- Authoritative image – When it comes to creating an image that resonates throughout an industry, you should try at every chance to speak with authority. Customers are far more likely to purchase products and services from a company that delivers a determined voice.
- Approachability – Posting your opinions on the latest industry news, while also engaging with site visitors, will make you look more approachable and accessible. When the time comes for customers to deal with you offline, having an approachable image can be worth its weight in gold.
- Brand awareness – It pays to have your company being mentioned regularly online (signing up to Google Alerts to measure how often is advised), as it will give customers all the more reason to remember you.
- Standing out from the crowd – The core element of promotion is self-promotion, something that a blog will allow you to do. When you write blog entries you are in a position to display exactly what it is that separates you from the competition.
- Education – Blog posts can allow you to display exactly how your products can aid people and how they can help solve any relatable issues.

Blogging with SEO

Before I discuss the importance of blogging with SEO implemented,...

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