The Importance Of Women Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow

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Women all over the world have had to fight to be seen as an equal contributor like a man. Women have certain qualities that allow them to think and act rationally while men strike at the first sign of doubt. A world without women would be useless because women possess the ability to create life and create beauty. Without women there would be no love, no passion, no sanity and no cleanliness. Although women have power to bring life into the world, they also have the power to destroy anything in their path. The world has not been completely corrupted because women have hope, faith and love, and that is the key to living. The women of this world are the ones that keep it spinning through hard work, dedication, love, trust and faith.
Of course every country is different and depending on their customs women are treated differently. It took the United States a long time to be able to accept the fact that women are as capable of accomplishing tasks as men are. It was not until Elizabeth Cady Stanton, along with many other women, started the women’s suffrage movement. It lasted seventy years and they did not quite succeed but they never gave up. For these women, it was like biting into a piece of cake for the first, they got a taste of what being heard feels like and they wanted more. In the United States today, women have more choices than ever before and the possibilities are endless, but in other countries women do not have the same privileges. Women in Afghanistan are vulnerable to harsh tribal customs and most of their rights are non-existent. Even though maternity death rates have gone down, more than half of the Afghan girls are still not in school, and those who are never finish. It is not unusual for Afghan families to sell their daughters into marriage and prostitution to settle debts, and those girls are usually subject to abuse, and the ones who are abused are the ones who often end up in jail instead of the abuser (New York Times). What is even worse is how the women are treated in India. Females are treated completely different than males because in India they prefer males to women. They feed women different food, they give them a different education and they only raise the females to be someone’s wife. And even though abortion is frowned upon in India, 300,000 to 600,000 female fetuses are aborted every year because they find women inferior to men. Nearly half the girls in India are married off before the age of eighteen and most of the time the man is more than ten years older (Udas, Sumnima). Women in other countries do not have anyone fighting for them and that needs to change.
What many people do not realize is that woman was made from man. God took a rib from Adam to be able to create a human being and the reason for him to name her woman is because it is a man with a womb. God created Eve because Adam got lonely, God created woman for man. When thinking about this one would wonder why God went to such...

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