The Importance Of Writing Techniques: Comparing Chinese And English Academic Writing

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There are many significant differences between Chinese academic writing and English academic writing. Most of the time, it is difficult to write essays in English for many multilingual students like me, not only because we have to translate Chinese to English, but also because of the different styles of academic writing we learned in China. However, after the first semester of the writing program, I acquired many basic concepts and tools about academic writing and these tools have helped me throughout the semester. Furthermore, these techniques are essential and necessary in order to write a successful essay. As I look through my first essay, I find countless errors and places I can improve. In my revised essay, I carefully restated my thesis statement, reconstructed my PIE paragraphs, and worked on stronger transitions words, because these three parts are the heart of a successful essay. By revising these parts, my essay is easier for reader to understand and my idea is carried out throughout the whole essay.
I completely changed my thesis statement because the original one did not have enough evidence from the text to be supported. In my original essay, my thesis statement is “the author uses various symbols to reveal us the vicious inward of Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf is portrayed as a cunning male and the color red represents her complicated personality. This thesis statement has several ideas; however, I did not find enough evidence to support these ideas, in my body paragraph, there were no quotes reflecting Little Red Riding Hood’s complicated personality, thus making it difficult for readers to understand. Furthermore, this thesis statement did not reveal the message author wants to deliver, which lacks the most important element of a thesis statement, as a result, this thesis statement has absence of proof and is not completed. Therefore, I rewrote my thesis statement, the new one is “by visualizing the characters and the settings, Charles Perrault illustrates the seductions and difficulties people will face on their adventure to success and also gives people advices on how to handle these seductions.” By comparison, this thesis statement is better because it is well arranged. Readers can understand that this essay will be consisted of analysis of different characters and analysis of the setting. Moreover, this thesis statement also delivers the author’s message, which is to give people advices. By reading this thesis statement; readers will have an overview of this essay, and be prepared to visualize the author’s ideas at the same time.
I reconstructed all of my PIE paragraphs, since the original paragraphs have no examples or quotes at all, additionally, the topic sentences are not connected to the thesis statement. In my first body paragraph, my topic sentence was not clear; it talked about Little Red Riding Hood was adored greatly by her mother and grandmother. Instead, my examples are about how her grandmother desires beauty...

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