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The hand has important functions culturally. It can be adorned with rings or henna to display marital status and it can facilitate successful conversation with the handshake. It takes its roots from animal behavior because it is the modern man and woman’s complex version, of formal posturing. With the shaking of another person’s hand, you describe your intent as to how you wish for the conversation, or situation to go.
Posturing is any behavior intended to convey an impression to another person. If a person wants to receive the upper hand in a situation, one must learn to treat the other person in a way they are acceptable of. If a person is unable to control their emotions, their handshake will convey their unprofessionalism. Unprofessionalism is the key to disaster.
A business handshake should have two actions to be successful the firm grip and a relaxed up and down motion. The firm grip shows attention to the situation and the relaxed movement up and down is sign of willingness to be a team player. If not properly done the grip and movement will imply any number of unwanted suggestions.
Many grips can ruin the business handshake and will destroy any hopes of a good impression. The nervous handshake is when a person’s palms are sweaty, and their hand might shake. Another is the dead fish. The hand goes limp and lets the other facilitator lead the up and down movement. This can show the person is unfocused and uninterested in the matter at hand, and I really don’t enjoy skin to skin contact with you and I hope holding your hand this way will get you to let go.’ The brush off is when the hand drops in your hand before the action is completed. It is a sign that the person has no intention to please you and that they are of the opinion, they are more important than you. The list goes on, to the politician, the controller, the finger vice, the bone crusher, and the lobster claw. There are many subcategories and categories of handshake; to know them all is to be a master at setting the scene for negotiation.
Furthermore, there are other handshake categories. There is the female handshake or the queen’s fingers. It is when a woman offers her fingertips to the other party so that they can only grasp her fingers. The queen’s finger is a type of handshake that was used when women wanted men to give them homage. It is a show of female dominance, used when the world was still sexist. It forces a man to pay respect to a woman and for a woman to be empowered by a situation they control. It is not to be mistaken with the royal handshake.
To great a member of the English royal family, the person needs to wait until the royal family member extends their hand. Then, the person can grasp hold of the fingers of the Queen or other party. Then with the proper amount of time, you can stand up and walk backwards toward the door because one never exposes their back to a member of the English royal house. Another, even more traditional handshake then that of...

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