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The Importance To Know And Understand The Short Life Of Anne Frank

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The Importance to know and understand the short life of Anne FrankAnne Frank was a fifteen year old Jewish girl. On her thirteenth birthday, she received a diary, ever since that day she would always write in it addressing it as "Dear Kitty". When she was five years old, her and her family moved to Amsterdam to escape the Nazis. Anne Frank's life has impacted the lives of many others because of what she has gone through, and what she wrote in her diary. It is important to know and understand the short life of Anne Frank because to understand her personal experiences, to learn about other countries and be aware of the problems other countries faced, and to learn more about discrimination.Firstly, it is important to know and understand the short life of Anne Frank because we need to understand her personal experiences. Imagine how she must have felt hiding from the Nazi. She was just a young girl and had to hide with her family in a small space. In the documentary, it states that every single day she would be in fear, never knowing what would happen next. We take everything for granted. Later on, Anne and everyone else hiding got caught and got sent to a concentration camp. Anne later died at age fifteen of typhus. These are the reasons why we need to understand her personal experience.Secondly, it is important to know and understand the short life of Anne Frank because to learn about other countries and be aware of the problems other countries faced, also not to repeat history. For instance, Germany was being led by such a horrible person, Hitler, hat made the country hate all Jewish people....

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840 words - 3 pages Anne Frank was born on June 19th 1929. She was a young German Jewish girl. Her father's name was Otto Frank; her mother's name was Edith Frank and her sister was Margot Frank. When Anne was eleven years old she grew up without care. Anne always dreamed of becoming a writer or a movie star. They all had to wear yellow stars on their clothes. The yellow star was the Star of David. Every Jewish person had to wear one of these. One day they forced

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836 words - 4 pages that in order for her to confide in her sister, she needs to stop following so closely. In the same way, Anne finds that Margot tries to take advantage of her character all the time. Frank writes that to find her peace of mind all she “want[s] is to be left alone” (108). Because Anne is the only child in the family, she's sick of Margot treating her like a little kid and ordering her around. Anne wants to have the freedom of being able to make

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