The Important Role Of Lobbyists In Politics And Society

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Public policy is the course of actions taken by the government that includes laws, plans, actions and the behavior of the government. The most effective way to influence public policy would be to lobby for the interest group that supports the problem that needs to be addressed by society and the government. Interest groups are organizations of people with shared goals to influence specific public policies, such as the National Rifle Association wanting to protect gun rights. The representatives for these particular interest groups are called lobbyists, whom are registered to inform the Clerk of the House and the Secretary of the Senate of the issue or laws being addressed, what agencies/branches of the government are being contacted, and the amount of money being spent on these issues. They can also represent private individuals or the general public. The word itself implies that lobbyists are the ones who directly contact the lawmakers of congress or other government officials, while making indirect contact through raising awareness in their communities for action. In order to make change, lobbying would be most effective because they are honest and assist the government with legislations other than their own, they work hard with the community and politicians, and most importantly they are the most knowledgeable and experienced on issues and politics so that the best decisions are able to be made.
Though the intent of a voter is based off their own individual opinions, the same virtues may be found with lobbyists. Like previously mentioned, the lobbyist must be passionate in order to truly persuade. Because of the opportunity to manipulate and bribe politicians to their side, there are regulations to try to prevent corruption. Not being able to accept gifts or money and having to be registered helps to weed out dishonest lobbyists, leaving those with true and honest intentions for their issue. Furthermore, lobbyist’s information must be legitimate and neutral, for that misrepresentation of facts and extreme bias may cause them to permanently lose access to politicians and end their careers. In addition to the lobbyist’s individual objective, they are also trusted in other law making processes. Lobbyists are invited to congressional trials to testify different sides to the issue currently being discussed. Their information provides opposing or supporting arguments, so being well prepared and honest is important in aiding vital legislations to be passed or denied with their help. It is also shown how lobbyists and interest groups are essential through the general law making process. In fact, their research teams helps congress and are responsible for drafting over half of all the legislations. The duties and responsibilities of these lobbyists are fulfilled by their devotion to hard and honest work with people from all levels of government and society.
In order to be an employed lobbyist, they must spend more than 20 percent of their time...

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