The Key To Safer Buses Is In One Simple "Click"

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The Key to Safer Buses is in One Simple "Click" Starting in the 1930's, seatbelts were introduced to the public by physicians urging automotive companies to install them into their cars. Today seatbelts are installed in every automobile around the world, save buses. This absence can leave children unprotected to side impact and rollover collisions. This is why school buses should be installed with seat belts and legislation passed to enforce it."How do you deprive children of using a life-saving device?" Arthur Yeager, the regional coordinator for the National Coalition for School Bus Safety (NCSBS), asks this. Without seat belts, children can be tossed around in the bus and can sustain injuries. Compartmentalization, a safety feature for frontal and rear collisions, has constantly failed to provide protection in side impact and rollover crashes. With little or no support, children could be tossed about the vehicle and death has resulted. "Compartmentalized doesn't work...In studies equipped with cameras on buses, it showed when a bus rolled, the children ended up in a huge pile. I think taxpayers should be alarmed," stated Yeager. With the use of seat belts, children will be secured to the seat and reduce injury. This life-saving power of the seat belt is shown and is effective in keeping children out of harm's way.Children are growing minds. These children need to be taught to buckle up in cars, or any automobile. Parents are able to teach their children about this issue while in their car, but cannot continue their training when the child goes to school for the first time and is not required to wear a seat belt. This teaching technique is a sound one in getting children to buckle up and stay safe, but is interrupted when the school busses do not require them....

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