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The In Between Essay

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I was unable to sleep that night, as I was very unsure about what my next move would be. In the morning, I decided to roam the town. I was starving; however, I had grown used to the feeling. In my past life, I would have figured out a way to steal food from these common people. I decided that from this point on, my new life will start. Everything I do will be effort put towards being a normal person just like everyone else.
I encountered a paper stand, but I hesitated to read the current news. I knew that it would be covered with war stories and death toll. The man who worked at the stand seemed like a nice man; he seemed curious of me. He spoke to me, “Where are you traveling from?” He ...view middle of the document...

I was still baffled over the fact that it seemed like he knew my entire past without me saying a word of it.
A few months after we officially started as child soldiers for the military, we were in a bit of a lull. There had been no fighting for entire night, and we were walking to find clean water. We heard noise in the bushes and immediately moved into our ambush positions. We waited for what seemed like an hour, and nothing happened. It was assumed to be an animal, which is not uncommon. We walked a bit further, and I noticed that we were being followed.Suddenly, a few boys younger than I walked out of the bushes and begged us not to shoot. I yelled out, “Explain yourselves!” They even got down on their hands and knees; I almost found it humorous because they appeared harmless. They did not even have weapons. They explained that they had nowhere to go, and all of their family members were gone. Looking into their eyes, I could feel the exact same pain that they were feeling. I knew that the Lieutenant would want to recruit them, and as much as I didn’t want them to have to experience what I had experienced, I decided to take them under my wing. They would be safest with me.
I think that is exactly how Paul figured out what I had been through. He looked into my eyes, and felt that he needed to take care of me. For the six or so months, I lived with Paul, and I delivered papers for him. It was very enjoyable, and we got to know each other quite well. We were comfortable with telling each other anything, and I even found out that he was a child soldier just as I was. I told him of my experiences with the UN, and he could tell how much I had loved it there. I told him about Laura Simms, and how much I had cared for her. “Well, that settles it,” he said one day, “We must get you back to New York.” Paul truly worked in mysterious ways. As much as the idea freaked me out, I wanted to be back in New York with Laura more than anything; she was wonderful. From that point on, Paul made it his mission to get me to The United States.
When Paul thought that I had earned enough money, he took me to the airport. I could tell he was sad, but did not want to show it. We had grown quite attached to each other over the months. “So long, young man,” he bid farewell. It was the first time I had been called a man. I was nervous, but I had been through so much, I knew that I could only look forward. I had Laura’s information, and I prayed that she would help me find my way. Paul held out his hand for a handshake, but I shoved it away and gave him a hug. He gave me...

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