The Inability Of Police To Capturing Jack The Ripper

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The Inability of Police to Capturing Jack the Ripper

In my opinion I disagree with this statement 'The police were to blame
for not capturing Jack the Ripper. This is because we are dealing with
a nineteenth century police force and not one of the twenty- first
century. In modern times, forensic science deals with analysis of
blood samples, DNA, ballistic, fibres, glass and pain, shoe and glove
marks and many other scientific applications. The police force at the
time of the Jack the Ripper investigations did not have the benefit of
such sophisticated methods.

Firstly we know much more about the victims than the police did at
that time. Two, Mary Kelly and Francis Coles were attractive young
women in their mid - twenties. The rest were middle- aged but few
looked their years. It is interesting to note that police and press
estimates of age, based on appearance were consistently misjudged by
making them younger than they are known to have been. All the victims
came from work-class parents, virtually all the women had slipped into
destitution through failed marriage and drink. Drinking mainly was a
reason why the police were not to blame for not capturing Jack the
Ripper because when Elizabeth Long gave an inquest (in Source D) into
the death of Annie Chapman she was not quite certain of many things as
Source D mentions "…wearing a dark coat but I cannot be sure". This is
because she might have been drinking and her memory and judgement
could have been impaired.

It is probable that the victims accost or were accosted by the
murderer in thoroughfares like Whitechapel Road and Commercial Street,
and that they were conducted by him themselves to the secluded sports
where they were slain. This was certainly the case with Mary Kelly,
who died in her own room in Millar's court. It was probably true to
the others. In addition, a reason why the police were not to blame for
not capturing Jack the Ripper is because the areas where the victims
were killed were known to be a resort of prostitute and dark secluded
streets, as Source E refers to the streets as "…narrow, dark and
crooked lanes…", were ideal for business. Whilst in the act of this
business they were completely vulnerable to attack. Before she could
utter a cry, the Ripper seized her by the throat. He strangled her, at
least into insensibility and lowered her to the ground like Source C
states in the report on the body of Elizabeth Stride "...the left
hand, lying on the ground…" Strangulation is likely to have occurred
in all cases as there were no screams heard. Also, the women were
lying on their back when their throats were cut again, evidence from
Source C proves this "…in the neck there was a long incision…" as
there was relatively little blood. What blood there was mostly soaked
up by their clothes. Some of...

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