The Inadequate Ideal Essay

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Since most people think that the “ideal” is impossible to reach, they are led to feel inadequate. The idea of perfection is a mere deception because, the obsession of trying to reach perfection is taken to extremes, perfection is based on individual opinion and there is no such thing as actual perfection.
The idea of perfection is completely individual. We base our idea of perfection on our interest, abilities, and style. What may be perfection to someone is totally not perfection to another. For example, Zeke Cohen in Ms. EN’s four red class discussion said, “My friends like blondes and I like red heads because we see perfection differently.” Although this is a silly example, it is one-hundred percent true. What are we really reaching for if everyone is reaching for something different? This is what makes perfection confusing. One person is reaching for their “perfection” while another is reaching for a total different “perfection”.
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Isabel Demschar in a class discussion said, “The funny part is that there is no such thing as perfection. Even the people we think are perfect think someone else is perfect.” The cycle continues on and on for eternity. This perpetual, sinister cycle is nothing but damaging and ruins everyone. What are we even striving for? We are trying to achieve something that is not even real.
Although the “ideal” isn’t tangible, people all over the world still strive for it. In fact, we try so hard to reach this “thing” that we become obsessed with the idea that one day we will finally reach the “ideal”. Wil Doyle in Ms. EN’s class discussion said, “Perfection is not the problem. Obsession with perfection. That is the problem.” As a society, we will do whatever we can to reach the “ideal” no matter the money or the health issues. In fact, we get so obsessed with the idea of being perfect that we take it to extremes: body tucks, eye lifts, Botox, eating disorders, depression and suicide are just to name a few. “By age 6, girls especially start to express concerns about their own weight or shape. 40-60% of elementary school girls (ages 6-12) are concerned about their weight or about becoming too fat.” ( Six years old is a very young age to already be worried about becoming too “fat”. Our inaccurate, intangible obsession has become so extreme that even children as young as six worry about never being “ideal”.
Having an “ideal” in society is not logical in anyway. There really is no such thing as perfection and no one can actually achieve it because of a thing called humanity and immortality. However, people think that the “ideal” is tangible so we become obsessed with it. The idea of an “ideal” is damaging and ruining to every human being. All it does is leave us feeling inadequate. For all these reasons, there should be no such thing as an “ideal” to strive for.

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