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"The Incorruptible Leader": Maximilien Robespierre, An Interesting Man In France's History.

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Maximilien Robespierre: "The Incorruptible Leader"Throughout history, many people are remembered for the acts they committed. Maximilien Francois Marie Isadore de Robespierre, had many qualities in his life that made him an important historic figure of France. In general, Robespierre had vital role in the French Revolution and French history in general though the cleverness in his early years, his profession in the government, and his reign of terror.He was born in Arras, France, of Irish origin, on May 6, 1758. His father, lawyer Francois Robespierre, had seduced Jacqueline-Marguerite Carraut, who was the daughter of a brewer. The outcome of the seduction was the famous Maximilien Robespierre. His family life was not extremely cheerful, and the family, in addition was underprivileged. Therefore, when his mother died giving birth when Robespierre was ten, his father left Maximilien and his brother and two sisters, with their maternal grandparents who raised them.As a youth, people began to notice his abilities in speech, although he was a nervous and hesitant speaker. Little did the people know that he would become the greatest speaker of his time. This talent of his was first seen when he was chosen to address King Louis XVI when he returned from his coronation. When Robespierre had finished his Latin Oration, Louis was said to have smiled at him. This was a major accomplishment of his.In 1765, Robespierre was given the opportunity to go to the local college in Arras, because he did not have enough money to go elsewhere. When people saw how intelligent he was, they selected him to go to the famous college of Louis-le Grand in Paris, where he distinguished himself in philosophy and law. While in college he became under the influence of Jean Jaques Rousseau's theories of democracy and deism. It also encouraged his emphasis on virtue, or civic morality in his mind, which then earned him the nickname "the Incorruptible."On July 31, 1780 Robespierre became a Bachelor of Law. He did not receive his license until 1781, and he was admitted to practice in Paris. Instead though, he started a practice in his hometown of Arras for poor people who could not afford services. His practice was in his sister, Charlotte's house. He made a name for himself because of his ability and honesty. He was later appointed judge at Salle Episcopale, a court with jurisdiction over diocese. (Later on he resigned as judge, rather than pronouncing the death sentence, because he wanted to abolish it.In 1783, he continued his education by going to the Arras Academy, for advances in the arts and sciences. He soon became its chancellor, and later its president. He also would visit with the local notables and chatted with the young people of the district, contrary to the belief that he was antisocial. He also entered academic competitions and one of his reports won first at the Academy of Metz. He also belonged in a literary society in Arras and wrote elegies in the fashion of the...

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