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The Increase In Violence Essay

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The Increase in Violence

In the year 2000 there are many problems with society. One of the biggest and most controllable is the issue of violence. Although we are subjected to violence everyday by simply turning on the news, other forms of violence for entertainment can be censored.

This is the type of violence that is corrupting the minds of today's youth and destroying
the change for a peaceful future. In today's society violence is saturating the minds of
children and people must learn to become involved in the problem before it is integrated
into cultures around the world.

Due to the fact that violence is everywhere, people accept it because they
are constantly being exposed to it. It has become a reprehensible part of society. On
many television shows and movies the characters approach their problems in a violent
manner. When people view these shows they deduce that violence is an effective way to
go about solving a problem. Children especially have a misconception that violence is
requisite. ?Children?s television shows contain about 20 violent acts and hour? (Children
and Television Violence 1). Children?s minds are still in a developing stage when they are
young and as they grow older. Therefore, if they are constantly watching violent shows
they will develop a violent mentality. As these children grow into adulthood it is most
likely that they will display the violent behavior they have been watching. ?59 percent of
those who watch an above average amount of violence on television as children are
involved in more than the average number of such aggressive incidents as later in life?
( Children and Television 2). Along with television shows and movies there is also
violence in music, video games and on the Internet. People listen to violent lyrics which
glorify violence and they will think that violence is ?cool?. They think this way especially
if the artist is consider a ?role model? by others. In video games, violence is animated and
people do not see the reality in it. They believe that they will have another life or have the
ability to start the game over. This attracts teenagers because it gives them a chance to be
violent without having to deal with the repercussions.
Since violence is saturating U.S. culture, nonviolence is becoming extinct. There
have been numerous examples where a lives could have been saved if a...

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