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The Rise Of Napoleon Bonapart Essay

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The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte The rise of Napoleon, second lieutenant artillery officer to emperor of france did not happen over night, but it did happen in a relatively short period of time. A time when all of the factors necessary for him to rise to power were in place. Napoleon's reign began after many years of revolution, when the French people were exhausted and in need of a strong leader and an organized government. But why was Napoleon so successful in achieving all of these goals? It goes back as far as his childhood in Corsica, where he was birthed by a poor yet aristocratic family of 10. The distinct way of which he was raised by his mother,carried on throughout his life, and proved invaluable to France. Napoleon acquired his military genius during his studies at Brine, which helped him further move up in military ranks. It is said Napoleon possessed genius status in not only military, but government, economic, geographic and basically any other acquired knowledge which he obtained as a young military student in Paris.As a young child in Abaci Corsica, Napoleon, one of the many offspring of a twenty six year old lawyer was raised in a very difficult house. Corsica had just been taken over by the French, and in an effort to save his family, Carlo, Napoleon's father welcomed the french and became a judge/ prosecutor for the french government. In doing this, he was able to get young Napoleon a scholarship to Brienne in Paris. However Napoleon hated the idea that his father served the french. But this was the only way to survive. Napoleon's parents were very strict and the children frequently went to bed without eating, in an effort to discipline them. They were also disciplined in other questionable ways. It is because of this Napoleon became so passionate about war. There were constant battles between siblings, and napoleon would always win because of his military knowledge gained through the the Corsican Nationalists he would chat with. These experiences as a young child would later prove invaluable in his campaigns to conquer europe.Oddly enough, Napoleon came to love the French, and serve them. He left Brienne school of military at the age of 16, to become an Artillery Second Lieutenant. Now that the revolution was in full gear, he was promoted to...

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