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The Loss Of My Sister Essay

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When I look over my “ The Loss Of My Sister’ essay I wrote it makes me proud of myself to know I was that strong to write about such a close topic to me and my family. I always wanted to write the story of my sister but I never had an opportunity to. I always kept quite about the situation I went through because I did not want the sorrow and pity from others. When ever I did tell someone that I have a dead sister, they would respond “ I don’t know what to say other than I'm sorry” it makes me feel awkward because I don’t know if I say thank you or it’s okay? Since I wrote about what happened I decided I’d write about how it is now without her.

When I was younger I thought my sister was always going to be there. I never thought she would die so young. She died when I was in 5th grade so I was around 10 or 11 years old. We had our fights and now I wish more then anything that she was here. She missed my first homecoming, my graduation and many other important dates in my life and there is still more she will miss. Now that I'm the only child in my household, it’s terrible because I have strict parents. I know if she was still here many things would be different.
One of the things that would be different is my parents. They would be different by not worrying about me as much. They worry about where I am and if I'm safe just like any other parent would for their child. They worry if I’ll get caught up in drugs and alcohol or a bad crowd of friend. I know more then anything my dad worries that I will drop school just like she did and run off and get married. They worry the most about me losing it meaning me finally realizing that she’s gone and that I might do something I’ll regret. Mainly they worry about losing me in anyway.

Another thing that would be different is the way people treat my parents and I. People treat us like we are some aliens. By saying that meaning they assume that if they even mention my sisters name that my parents will start crying or get mad. That is the main thing that I hate more anything about this situation because death is normal. People will always ask,...

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