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The Increasing Benefits Of Renewable Energy

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Due to the increasing demand for energy, we are progressively finding more ways of

obtaining cheaper, cleaner, and more effective energy sources. Since the birth of the nation, the

United States has been primarily dependent on obtaining its energy from fossil fuels, mainly

consisting of oil, coal, and natural gas. But due to the limited supply and cost of obtaining these

resources, the price of the fuels has drastically increased. For that reason, scientists and

engineers have been working on advancing technology that would make renewable energy

sources more efficient and affordable.

People have used renewable energy sources to obtain their energy for thousands of years.

The most popular sources of this energy were mainly solar, geothermal, wind, and hydroelectric

power. The use of these resources to gather energy can be dated back to the BC era, but without

machines, the energy demands of these times were modest. The only real need for energy was to

collect heat or to cook food. The spike in the efficiency of these resources occurred during the

Industrial Revolution when energy plants were designed to gather these forms of energy. During

this period of time, the world was converting from hand to mechanical production methods. This

created an urgency to develop the cheapest and most effective approach to collecting energy.

Although the steam engine receives most of the credit for achievements of the era, hydroelectric

power plants were notably influential to the success of the revolution. By the time the Second

Industrial Revolution came around, hydroelectric power plants were responsible for providing

nearly forty percent of the United States' supply of electricity (Bureau of Reclamation).

With the demand of new energy sources comes the demand for effectiveness.

Renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies are driving significant economic growth in

the United States. In 2006, these industries generated 8.5 million new jobs, nearly $970 billion in

revenue, more than $100 billion in industry profits, and more than $150 billion in increased

federal, state, and local government tax revenues (American Solar Energy Society).

Additionally, renewable energy provided important stimulus to the U.S. manufacturing industry,

displaced imported oil, and helped reduce the U.S. trade deficit. Fossil fuel companies must now

compete with renewable energy companies, which will ultimately lower costs of all forms of


If U.S. policymakers aggressively commit to programs that support the sustained, orderly

development of renewable energy, the news gets even better. According to research conducted

by the American Solar Energy Society and Management Information Services, “The renewable

energy and...

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