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The Increasing Number Of Accidents In Transportation Is Caused By Lack Awareness Of Self Discipline And Half Hearted Punishment

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The Transportation is the most important thing by people. It can support the development of economic as well. There are some developments of user of transportation from road,railway,ocean, and air in every year. It brings the impact for economic development to be better.However, We still don’t get safety in transportation. As We know that if we watch on television, there are some accidents of transportation.The goverment has made the regulations of that but they are still happened.There are some factors of accidents such as a bad infrastructure, nature, human and engine errors. However, among the factors, human error is the first thing that causes accidents of transportation.This is caused by the pople’s lack awareness of self discipline in having vehicle. In Indonesia, there are some things especially in the road to show the pople’s lack awareness of self discipline in transportation.
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So the number of accident can be decrease in transportation.
Second, There is human errors while driving vehicle such as doing sleepy and careless.When we drive vehicle on the road, we have to make sure that our body is fit.We have to focus driving optimally. If we feel sleepy, we have to stop driving.Then we break in a rest area to back again our energy. Some drivers sometimes continue the journey although they are sleepy for certain reasons such as loss time for example.However, It can be dangerous for themselves and another people’s safeties on the road. The accident will be happened if they are loss control in seconds.
Third, The vehicle is not suitable and over capacity.Recently, as we know that there is accident at Tongas sub-district Probolinggo-East Java.The accident is happened between pick up vehicle and truck. The driver of pick up brings many peoples in back. Actually pick up is not to bring the human but it is used to bring things. The pick up crashes the truck then many peoples on back jumping toward outside.There are so many victims to die about more sixteen persons. The people have to be aware for using a vehicle model on the road.
According to WHO (World Health Organization) : “There are 1,3 billions of peoples to die in every year because of accident.The accidents is happened in the development country in the world.If there is an affective solution, the accidents of transportation will make the fifth place caused to die in 2030”. According to Korlantas Polri : “There are 117.949 accidents in 2012. Some accidents is about 50 percents from motorcycle. It is happened about 67% because of human errors”.It shows that the human errors is a big factor in accidents of transportation.So the pople’s awareness of self discipline in transportation has to be increased optimally.
In conclusion, The accidents of transportation especially in the road is happened by human errors largely. We hope that the people’s awareness of self discipline can be increased more better.They have to be be aware to law of traffict while driving a vehicle on the road especially.So, The accidents of transportation especially in the road can be decreased.

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