The Increasing Role Of English And The Learning Of Other Languages

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Nowadays, English is popular and important not only in developed countries but also throughout the world. Therefore, some people say that the increasing role of English in the world means that the learning of other languages is being neglected. I do not agree with this statement for the following reasons:The learning of the other languages is not being neglected. First, let us think about French. Although French is not as common as English, many people want to learn this language. In Vietnam, there are the bilingual classes offered at primary school and high school, such as Luong Dinh Cua Primary School, Collette Junior High School, Le Hong Phong Senior High School. These classes are supported from France, there are lots of scholarships granted to good and excellent students. In some universities like HoChiMinh City University of Education, HoChiMinh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities, about 70 students are studying French. Although this figure is not very high, it proves that many students want to learn this language. Besides, a lot of places also have held activities pertaining to French. In Ho Chi Minh City, IDECAF (Institute for Cultural Exchange with France) is a good place to both learn and practise French. In the world, on March 20, French-speaking countries celebrate the International Francophone Day. On this occasion, people take part in such events and activities as watching French films on TV and some interesting and attractive games requiring the knowledge about France and Francophone community are organized. In some universities, there are also Japanese faculty and Chinese faculty. Although a few of students take courses in these two languages, they are still existing and developing. In Youth's Cultural House in Ho Chi Minh City, there is a Chinese club form with many interesting activities and a lot of members. Nowadays, many people come to the language center to learn these languages as their foreign languages. Moreover, learning the other languages...

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