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The Beatles

There has been many bands through the centuries, but none have stood out more than The Beatles. A Liverpool based band has never been bigger than the four-man band. They took the world by storm from their charm to their many styles of music. They changed the way that Rock and Roll was played over the decades and had a major influence on people’s lives.

When you sit down and ask people from the 1960s what band changed their lives, many would say it was the The Beatles. The band consisted of four guys that all went to same school. They were John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison. The band didn’t consist of these men at first though. The band was made up of classmates from the Quarry Bank Grammar School in Liverpool, England. (World Book Advanced). After being called the Black Jacks, they then changed their name to The Quarrymen. They called themselves this, because thay wanted to represent their school. The original Quarrymen consisted of John Lennon, Pete Shotton, Eric Griffiths, Rod Davis, Bill Smith, and Colin Hanton. They played Skiffle music, which was a mixture of folk, jazz, and blues. This was popular in England at the time in the summer of 1957. When The Quarrymen were setting up for a performance in a church hall in 1957, a member of the band introduced Lennon to Paul McCartney. Paul auditioned for the band, when they finished their set. John like him as soon as he started playing. Paul was later invited to join on the spot in October, 1957, after the other members took some time to think about it. (

By 1958 Quarrymen started moving away from the skiffle music path and went in the diresction of the rock 'n' roll route. This would cause the their banjo player to leave and pursue another carrer. McCartney now had the opportunity to introduce Lennon to his friend, George Harrison. The Quarrymen separated in 1959. The Quarrymen briefly reunited when Harrison's other band had fell apart. In 1960, Lennon, McCartney and Harrison were joined by drummer Pete Best, whose mother owned The Casbah Coffee Club and bassist Stu Sutcliffe, a friend of Lennon's from the Liverpool Art School. They went through a succession of names such as; Long John and The Beatles, The Silver Beetles, The Beat Brothers, before they finally decided on going with for The Beatles.

Sutcliffe had left the band after 18 months to pursue his studies in art. It was now Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Best who met and auditioned for Parlophone Records producer George Martin in June 1962, at the Abbey Road Studios. Martin enjoyed everything about The Beatles. All except for Pete Best not getting along with the other members. Ringo Starr, the drummer for another popular Liverpool band, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, was assigned to take Best’s place.. Then from then on they were known as The Beatles; the band that changed music forever. The Band then achieved the mainstream success in the United Kingdom in late...

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