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The Indelible Influence Of The Wright Brothers

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Can you imagine a world without airplanes? There would be no fast and convenient way to travel around the world. In fact, the modern airplane is so integrated into our modern and faced-paced society, we would face detrimental problems without them. Thanks to Orville and Wilbur Wright, the invention of the airplane has immensely changed the world as we know it today. The contribution of the airplane makes the Wright brothers two of the most influential people in all of history. In the book The 100: A Ranking of Most Influential People in History, Michael Hart ranked the Wright brothers the 28th most influential people of all time. This ranking is very accurate because Orville and Wilbur Wright have dramatically changed the world in a plethora of different ways. First of all, Orville and Wilbur Wrights development of the airplane has affected the way the world travels around the globe. Next, modern airplanes and fighter jets have remarkably changed the way wars are fought. Also, today’s society has been affected through the massive airplane and air freight industry which adds billions of dollars every year to the world’s economy. Overall, the Wright brothers have irrevocably changed the world in a way that will forever be regarded as one of the most consummate and influential achievements of the 20th Century and all of time.
As Orville and Wilbur Wright were growing up in Dayton, Ohio, towards the end of the 19th century, many things influenced them to become two of the most significant people in the world. From a young age Orville and Wilbur Wright were always fascinated by aeronautics and they enjoyed playing with small flying toys (Benson). This early interest in aeronautics later led to the brothers building their own plane and forever changing the world. Also, as they grew older, Orville and Wilbur used their mechanical abilities to help repair old bicycles and even build some of their own. The Wright brothers gained “experience of designing and building lightweight, precision machines of wood, wire, and metal tubing [which] was ideal preparation for the construction of flying machines” (Crouch). Using money made from their bicycle shop as funding, the Wright brothers began to experiment with flight. At the time, many people had attempted to build a flying machine but it was considered impossible. Simon Newcomb, a physicist, quoted in 1902 that “flight by machines heavier than air is impractical and insignificant, if not utterly impossible” (qtd. in Peeters 226). The Wright brothers did not let this stop them, and they continued to work on the problem of flight, experimenting with new ideas and designs that no one had ever tried before. Little did they know their spectacular heavier-than-air flying machine would dramatically revolutionize the world.
The Wright brother’s foremost accomplishment of developing the modern airplane has had a major impact on humanity. But, Orville and Wilbur Wright also accomplished a number of smaller...

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