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The Human Race Being A Work In Progress

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Human beings are all born with the ability to reason, reflect and progress in life. There are more general senses of progress, ones without goals clearly defined. For instance, when we talk about how humans are doing as a species, the term "progress" usually finds its way into the conversation sooner or later. Through education, morals and beliefs, and the media, humans are capable of reaching their highest potential. This will help humanity progress to an even greater and more civilized world.Education is one of the prime components of life of a North-American citizen. Especially in the 21-century, education is the key to fulfilling one's dream. Education helps people to analyze and think for themselves rather than blindly accepting their surroundings and everything they are told. In the essay, The Closing of the North American Mind, the author discusses higher levels of education and its failures. The author states that education should actually be teaching people more than just reading and writing. It should assist students to learn to explore and analyze. To teach them morals, ethics and universal truths, this in his opinion makes a well-rounded student and person. In the essay The Role of the Teacher, the author discusses the significance of teachers and their task in helping students learn and get inspiration. They achieve these ideas through literature and teaching students about the world. For example, how for every acting force there's a reacting force (Newton's third law). These ideas also takes us to the essay Am I blue?, which says that both human and animal kind are linked and whatever happens to one of them will in return happen to the other. These ideas bring understanding and compassion in the hearts and souls of people that help the world function as a group or family and help each other in life.Aside from education, humans today should have a set of moral values, ethics and beliefs to live by. This will allow people to identify themselves and others around them better. Having a set of these values is like having a set of guidelines; which make life a little simpler and a lot less confusing. These values will force people to think and understand other people's beliefs, which as a result will create relationships between them. Without these morals,...

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